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A satirical poem about a high school football game.
Of Sharks and of Pansies

A fall evening game, around seven o'clock.
The maintenance men were applying the chalk.
The Football was set to be kicked off by Jack,
A high flying ball that began the attack.

The Pansies and Sharks were the teams of the day.
Their high schooling antics and talents to weigh.
The Pansies receiver let loose of the ball,
Then fell to his knees, as he started to bawl.

"They kicked it too hard", were the words to his coach.
He'd trembled in fear from the Sharks mad approach.
The teams were lined up at the second yard line,
Just ninety eight yards, and the Pansies could shine.

Within the next play, the back fumbled the ball.
With a leap a Shark grabbed it... "reversal" the call.
A Pansie was down, and was wincing in pain.
The medics ran out as it started to rain.

With a cramp in his pinky, the player came out,
So they sent Elmo in, with a slap and a shout.
The Sharks threw a pass that was easily caught,
"Touchdown" was the verdict, six points, the Sharks wrought.

The field goal after went straight through the bars.
A Pansy was tackled so hard, he saw stars.
The medics came in to examine the lad.
They carried him off, cause his headache was bad.

The quarterback said "coach I gotta go potty."
So he fetched a time out, and called second string Scotty.
"I cannot go in," Scotty said, "I'm a hurtin' "
I've a boil on my toe that is red, it's a squirtin'."

Little Tommy chirped in, "I can do it, let me!"
So he sent Tommy in...Pansies screaming with glee.
With Tommy's first pass, came a catch that was swell,
Cause no Shark was present, to ring Tommie's bell.

The Pansie's tight end, stepped away from the grass,
"A big bumble bee has just stung my right ass!"
The game had rolled down with just seconds to go,
And try though they may, they could not win the show.

Taps was the song that the Sharks band did play,
At the end of the game, on that very sad day.
The Pansie's all crying, with whimpers, and tears.
A beating they'll have to recall through the years.

Next week might be better, the chances are good,
They're playing the Fairies, the team from Oakwood.
With tired, bruised bodies, they headed to bed.
Sweet dreams of a wondrous winning ahead.

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