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A female English teacher named Kim turns out to be a goddess, what will she do?
Chapter 1: A goddess

It all began as a normal day for Eric.
He got out of bed, put some clothes on, ate some breakfast and got to school.
He was excited for today, as he had two hours of English, with his super hot teacher Kim.
On his way to school, Eric looked around him and saw that everything was wet from the rain. He always walked to school, because it was close to his house.
Suddenly, Eric splipped over some wet leaves and hit his head on the ground. Everything blacked out. But then suddenly, he heared a voice, it said: "Tell Kim she is a real goddess. Then she will be a real goddess." Eric couldn't believe what he heard, as he always believed in paranormal stuff. He got to school and ran into his classroom. Kim looked at him with an annoyed face and she said: "You are late." Eric apologised and sat down. He looked at Kim and she looked super hot. She was a blonde and tall woman. She was 25 years old. She had average sized breasts and a big, round butt. She was wearing a tight red dress squeezing her butt. She looked even taller on her high black heels. And she was a goddess, she just didn't know. After two hours of staring at her with an awkward boner, Eric waited as the rest of his classmates left class. Eric stood up and walked towards Kim who looked at him with a questioning look on her face. "Can I do something for you?" She asked. "I don't know how to tell you this" Eric said, "but you are a goddess." "Awh thanks Eric!" Kim said "but that's not something you say to your teacher." "No no, you don't understand." Eric replied. "You are a REAL goddes!"
"Well then" Kim said with a naughty smile on her face. "Why aren't you worshipping me then?" Kim knew she wasn't allowed to talk to her students that way, but she couldn't help it. Eric knew that it was his duty to do as she says, so he kneeled down and began kissing Kim's feet. Kim looked down on him in shock. But the way he was worshipping her, made her really happy. Eric looked up to see her facial expression. She was really enjoying the power. She looked down on him and yelled "Hey you worm! Did I tell you to stop?" Suddenly there was a slurping sound, a flash of light, and Eric was gone. The only thing left was a small, pink worm at Kim's feet. First she looked shocked, but then she realised that that was what she yelled at him. A worm. And then she was sure of it: she WAS a goddess!
She looked down on him with an evil smile on her face. This was where ALL people should be. As worms at her feet. She looked at her desk and pictured it to be cleaned. After one blink of her eyes, it actually was. Kim smiled and imagined what she could do! She looked down at Eric and saw that even as a worm, he was still kissing her feet. She grinned evil as she lifter her foot, knocking Eric off. She hovered her foot above him and said in the sexiest way possible "Bye bye." Eric looked up and saw the shoe of his goddess come down on him, he felt the pressure made him burst open. Suddenly, Kim applied all of her pressure and Eric was squashed. Kim twisted her foot even more to grind Eric into the floor. Suddenly, Kim felt some kind of regret. She wanted him to be her servant, her slave. She lefted her foot and the worm was stuck to it. She plucked it off and said: "Don't be dead, don't be dead." Suddenly the worm was un-flattened and moving in her hand. She smiled and trew him in the air. Before he came down, he turned back into a human being. She smiled at him and said: "Kneel, and kiss your goddess' feet."

Chapter 2: Bugs

After work, Kim walked home. She normally would take the car, but she wanted to look around the world. A world that would do everything she said.
On her way home, she saw some bugs running away from her feet. Yes little bugs, she thought, soon everyone will know they are just bugs. Then she saw a beetle, lying on his back. She lifted her foot over the, to her, insignificant little creature. She smiled and lowered her foot onto it. It crushed and cracked and she felt so extremely happy. Then, on the middle of the path, she saw another one on his back. She felt excited and really wanted to squash it. Then a jogging woman ran by, accidentely stepping on the bug. She stopped running and looked at the squashed bug at the bottom of her shoe. The woman laughed and said "Hehe, I feel so powerful stepping on bugs, like a goddess." Kim looked at her with angre, that was HER bug! She walked towards the woman, still holding her foot up, and she plucked the bug off of her shoe. "Hey!" The woman yelled. Kim smiled as she stuck the bug in her cleavage. She smiled innocently and said "I wanted to squash a bug, so I will squash a bug." The woman looked at her like she was nuts, but she began to notice that Kim was tall, really tall. No wait... she was shrinking! Her skin was turning dark blue, and hard. She grew more legs and her clothes began to dissapear! She fell on her back, not able to get up. The last thing she saw was Kim's evil smile and her foot comming down on her.
Kim felt great! She looked around and saw a homeless guy on a park bench. She walked towards him and turned around. "Kiss my butt." She demanded. The man looked at her like she was crazy, and said "No way." Kim looked at him with an evil smile and snapped her fingers. The man suddenly shrunk and became an ant. There he was, in the middle of the park bench, with Kim's massive ass above him. He looked at it in fear. To him, it was like a massive neighbourhood! She looked at him and said: "Your homeless life had no meaning, but I am gonna give you one. You gave your life to make your goddess sit comfortable!" "I'll take a nice sit now." She said cheerfully and lowered her butt on the ant. The man fell his body crack and before he got flattened, he kissed Kim's massive ass with his ant mouth.
Kim walked to her front door and unlocked it. She was home early and she would surprise her boyfriend with her goddess powers. She walked up the stairs to their bedroom with a smile on her face and walked in. In there, were her boyfriend and another woman. She looked at them with rage and her boyfriend yelled: "I can explain!" But before he could say anything, Kim looked at them and screamed: "You are nothing more but bugs! And that's what you will be for the rest of your misserable lifes!" Her boyfriend and the woman looked at eachother and noticed they were shrinking. "You know what I will do?" Kim screamed "I will turn you into dust mites! And you will be cursed to live in my buttcrack for all eternity!" The people looked in shock at her as she turned around and lifter her dress and pulled out her thong. The people shrank to microscopic and flew right between Kim's massive cheeks. Kim put her clothes back on and smacked her but causing it to jiggle. To the dust mites this was like an earthquake. She shook het butt and knew, that from now on. Those people would have to feed of her dead butt cells, and would be shaken by every hip movement she did. And when she walked away, her hips swaying from side to side, she opened a can of beans, and smiled evil.

Chapter 3: Class at her feet

Kim was excited. With a bug still firmly in her cleavage and her cheating boyfriend and his new girlfriend living in her butt as dust mites, she was excited to go to school. Eric was excited to. He was looking forward to worshipping his goddess again. He sat in class and looked at the door, waiting for Kim to enter. Kim entered class with her beautiful dress and sat down. She looked not pleased as she wiggled her big behind in her chair. "Do you have a booty itch? " a nice looking blond girl asked teasingly. "In fact I do" Kim said and walked over to the girl. She grabbed the girls head and pushed her face firmly into her butt crack. The girl screamed and Kim said "You are so pretty, you deserved some qualities time with your Godess' s booty.
"Goddess?" Asked another girl. Kim smiled and told her the story. She told about her powers, the squished woman and her boyfriend feeding off her butt. Everyone in class started to laugh except for Eric. He walked towards Kim and missed
kissed her feet until his lips were sore. The class looked shocked and Kim said "This is how you'll all greet me from now on! Or else! " The class watched as Eric turned into a tiny spider. Kim lifted her foot above Eric teasingly and asked "What to do what to do? " "squash him! " The blonde girl said with a grin. "I like your way of thinking" Kim said and she trew the spider at the girl. The girl laughed as she began tapping on Eric with her green high heels. Kim snapped and Eric was human again. The blonde girl, Noelle, looked disappointed. "Now" Kim said cutely. "My footsies are waiting."

Chapter 4: Kim's footbuddy

Kim walked through the hallway of the school. Everywhere around here people were staring at her in awe. Kim smiled and realised how fast her news spreaded. Since they knew, all the students were doing the homework she assigned them, even if it made no sence. She is an English teacher, so from time to time she assigned them to write poem's or stories about their goddess, her. Her pink high heels were clicking as she walked towards her classroom. She felt people staring at her ass, swaying side to side. She grinned and wondered what her ex boyfriend must feel like. She walked into her classroom and her students were sitting in their chairs, staring at her in awe. She stood in front of them and said "You can begin welcomming me". All of the sudden, every student got onto the floor on all fours, and crawled towards Kim. Obediant, they all kissed her feet for exactly 4 seconds, like she wanted it. The last person to kiss her feet, was a girl named Hanna. Hanna kissed Kim's feet, but stopped already after just 3 seconds. She crawled away but Kim places her foot on the girl's head, forcing her down to the ground. "Those were 3 seconds." Kim said with a smile. Hanna looked shocked and attempted to kiss Kim's feet again. "No!" Kim yelled and Hanna froze in fear. Kim grinned and said: "I know how you can make it up." She snapped her fingers and Hanna shrunk down to 5 inches. Hanna looked up in fear at Kim as she hovered her high heeled shoe above her. She slammed her foot down, instantly flattening Hanna, but not killing her. She lifted the flat Hanna into the air, and sat down on a table. Kim took off one of her shoes. She grabbed Hanna and started to rub her over her bare foot. Hanna could only move her face, and she looked shocked. Kim then said: "Hmm, I can't do this." And Hanna smiled. But then Kim grinned and said: "My foot isn't even sweaty!" Hanna's face suddenly turned into a face of fear. Kim winked at her teasingly and her foot started to sweat massively. She then used Hanna to rub her over her sweaty foot face first. Hanna was drenched in sweat after she finnaly stopped rubbing her over her foot (after 10 minutes). Kim snapped her fingers and Hanna's head inflated. "So hunny" Kim spoke "did you like that?" Hanna looked furious and was about to yell at Kim "Are you Serious?! What do you think?! I... uh.. well of course!" Kim smiled kindly and said "Well if you liked it so much!" She quickly dropped Hanna in here shoe and put it on. "No please!" Hanna screamed before her head got flattened again. Kim smiled and started to pace around the classroom, torturing her new insole some more. The students looked in fear, and quickly began to work.
Later on, Kim was told to visit the head of her department. Kim smiled as she walked to the head's office. She opened the door without knocking and said down on the chair. She lay her feet on the desk and looked at the head boldly. The head was a woman, and she looked very nervous. "Uh hey Kim" she stammered "after your recent... discovery, we noticed that you treat the students as if they are... lesser beings." Kim smiled and said "Everyone is a lesser being compared to me right?" "Well uh..." the head said and Kim started to feel annoyed. She used her foot the slid off the shoe on the other foot, displaying Hanna stuck to her foot. The head looked in fear at her foot, and Kim giggled. "She's my new insole." Kim said "But I need another one for my other foot. Interested?" Kim grinned as the head looked terrified. She started to cry and beg and she said "Please I'll do everything!" "Well in that case" Kim said "you're in my chair."

Better grades

Kim woke up. She stretched and welcomed her world. She snapped her fingers a few times and before she knew it she was dressed, fed and teleported to school. She walked into the cafeteria, where all the students and the teachers were waiting. She walked towards her trone. She was wearing pinkish pants which weren't tight, but still made her butt look really good. She also wore her new black heels with a black strap over her foot. She sat down and the people started to kiss her feet. It took long, but Kim wanted her bugs to know their place. At her feet. After her morning ceremony was done, she walked to her classroom, still using Hanna as her insole. It fell weird though, having just one insole. She wanted to make another one appear, but she figured that she might have the opporunity to turn somebody in one later. She grinned and walked to her classroom. As she walked in, every student was kneeling and she allowed them to sit on their chairs. Eric smiled and fell so much love for the goddess. Kim sat down and opened her mouth to speak, as the former head walked in carrying a file. She looked nervous. Kim looked annoyed because she was interrupted. "I..I...I wanted to give you this..." the former head stammered as she handed Kim the file with her shaking hand. "Hmm" Kim said and she began to read it. Her eyes openened wide and she looked furious. "My class is getting worse grades?!" The former head flinched and she stammered "Y...yes my goddess." Kim looked at the class and the class looked at her in fear. Kim stomped her foot down in angre and nobody said a word, except for Hanna, who was squeaking quietly as the stomp hurt her. "Well then let's have a test." Kim said "Everyone in the school will do this test, and the ones who fail it will be punished." The class was tensed and the former head started to walk away. "Hey!" Kim yelled. The former head flinched and looked in shock at Kim. "You didn't kiss my feet and you left! Normally I wouldn't mind really but I'm in a VERY bad mood!" Kim said. The former head walked towards Kim and began to kneel down. "NO!" Kim said "You need to be punished." The former head looked at Kim in tears and her eyes widened as Kim spoke the words "I needed another insole anyway."

The test

The goddess walked through the hallways. She smiled happily, because today was the day of the test. She sat down on her trone and wiggled her butt cutely. She scrunched her toes in her shoes, torturing her little insole people. The students entered and nervously sat down at the desks which were placed in that room. Kim stood up and everyone bowed down. "Listen!" The goddess demanded "Everyone of you will make this test, but the ones who fail it..." Kim smiled a mean grin. "Will be squashed as bugs underneath my feet!" The students gasped. "But you can't do that!" A girl named Pascalle yelled. "Oh can't I?" Kim said with a grin and snapped her fingers. Pascalle turned quickly into a beetle. Kim hovered her high heel clad foot over Pascalle. "He he he" Kim laughed "you're not worthy of being crushed by me. She kicked the bug away and walked back to her trone. "Start the test!" Kim demanded. Eric started to write and quickly started to panic. He looked slightly to his right and saw Noelle tapping on Pascalle with her high heeled foot. She smiled a mean smile and slit her foot out of her shoe. She grabbed Pascalle with her toes and dropped her in her shoe and put it on. Knowing Noelle, Pascalle wouldn't be having a nice time there. Noelle smiled and continued her test. Eric continued to. "Time is up!" Kim spoke after an hour. Every student lined up as Kim was holding the tests. She spoke the names one by one. "Passed." A sigh of relieve. "Failed." A scream, and a crunch. "Noelle. Passed." Crunch. Kim looked surprised and Noelle smiled. She had crushed Pascalle underneath her toes. "Eric." Kim looked at him smiling. "Passed." Eric was relieved. After everyone was called, Kim spoke. "Now that you know how important grades are, I hope you will try your best!" Everybody kneeled down before the blonde goddess who was standing in a pile of crushed bugs.

To be continued
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