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Goddess Elinth was overjoyed with her gift from Sernus. A new world to shape...
Goddess Elinth was overjoyed with her gift from Sernus. A new world to shape, bring to life, to call her own. Now the newly formed world was without feature. It was a world formed entirely of crystal and had the flames of Sernus burning eternally within its heart. These flames illuminated the surface of the world traveling through the purest crystalline the universe had ever seen.

The first thing Elinth did was to form the surface of the world and give it features. When she was through shaping she was pleased to look upon the mountains of crystal, valleys, canyons and vast plains. She then fashioned immense oceans, lakes, rivers and streams. For no life was good without precious water. 

Then came the colors. Elinth colored her crystal world with every shade that could be seen. After this she set Teracrys to slowly spin so that she might sit and enjoy all the features and brilliant colors from above.  When the world began to spin the weather was born and rain began to fall.  When she was done she invited Meesto, Kalira, and Sernus to help her fill this new world with living creatures. 

Meesto then created all the creatures of the water.  Kalira created all the creatures of the air.  Elinth populated the world with beasts and men and Sernus gave the fallen three their mortal form.  Of the men she created many shapes and sizes and gathered them by these forms and set them in groups among the mountains, plains and waters.

Having no need of a sun for light or heat Teracrys had a very different type of plant life. You would expect or envision the light coming through the ground itself but that was not the case. The light flowed through the crystal shafts or breaves as they were called. This light was diffused throughout the world and different areas of the world had different amounts of continual light. 

There were grasses and fruits, vegetables and flowers, and all the other typical plants you would find on a planet with a sun.  But there were no trees.  Now a world without trees is an alien thought from people from worlds with an abundance of trees.  Teracrys had the weavran.

The weavran was, in the eyes of Teracrysians, superior in abundance and diversity to the forests of the kingdom of Sernus.  There were endless miles of the weavran on the face of Teracrys.  The weavran was not an actual group of plants but grew in vast sections just like a crystal grows. 

The description of its appearance is best begun by starting with its initial formation.  Imagine if you can a shallow valley and in this valley there were clumps of crystals growing and glowing through the grass.  Now imagine a mineral like growth sheathing over the crystal fingers of the crystal clumps.  These sheathes grow up into the air then begin to join with other sheathes which have sprung from other crystal clumps or pods. 

A sheathe or branch of a typical weavran is about the thickness of a man’s arm.  Weavrans of this diameter usually form the first level of interconnection at twice an average man’s height.  The thicker the crystal fingers the thicker the branches and the higher the first level of interconnection or what is known as breave. 

The crystals are of many colors and since the world’s illumination comes from below the light passes through the breaves and shines with colorful lights no man from earth could ever envision.  Where there are fields of many crystal pods the result is a canopy like structure which can be multiple levels high and cover miles of ground reaching hundreds of feet into the air. 

The breaves are affected in their growth by the wind, gravity, and an unseen force which guides the breaves then called weavrans to connect with one another.  Light is flowing through these sheathes or weavrans continually and it is quite a sight to behold.  However, not all crystal pods are weavran crystals.  There are many types of crystals throughout the world of Teracrys.  Many were the wonders Elinth gave to this newborn world and when she was done she rested and gazed in wonder upon her new child star. 

Meesto, having dominion over the waters spread his knowledge and guidance throughout the people who lived near the water.  Kalira watched over the rest. The task of establishing an entire civilization is quite a daunting task and took many star crossings. The two greater angels worked diligently to accomplish this. To insure a harmonious lawful order of things they used a simple and fundamental set of laws which were handed down from Sernus and Elinth. This set of laws applied to the entire world. 

Sathis, Arhngahl, and Ranthahl were not pleased with the judgment to say the least. To be placed in mortal bodies and to be forced to live among mortals as one of them was quite a step down for a greater angel.  Greater angels had near god like powers just short of creation of life.  However, they did retain their immortality and could create and destroy lower life forms. This was of little consolation to Sathis who began to plot his revenge immediately after being released to the surface and given dominion over his own isle. 

During the ages of development the fallen three were busy with their own plans. Arhngahl had the sea surrounding the isle. Ranthahl had the lands of the isle. Sathis had dominion of all this and the underworld he was building beneath the isle. The seas were dark and brooding surrounding the isle as was the weavran of the isle. This pleased the three as they preferred the darkness and the cold. 

So it continued for many crossings that the world of Teracrys was shaped and its future was forged by the endeavors of the gods and angels who were players in the greatest game of the greater gods and the men of the new world began to shape things for themselves.
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