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time traveling shower
There I was just surfing the net out of shear boredom not knowing that the next few clicks I made would change my life and not only that but maybe my entire future.
"Aarrgh, so bord. Maybe I should check out YouTube". A pale thin pasty white hand lums over the mouse that was precariously placed near the edge of the table due to at least two days worth of dirty dishes. In one quick movement, the mouse was dragged across, what little of the desk was not obscured by dirty dishes, books, losses change, and the computer. As the mouse dashed from place to place almost if it was trying to make up lost time from not moving the past three minutes. 'The curser little arrow on a shiny new 24.5inch screen, set to work opening Opera and then proceeding to open up YouTube from favorites.After a short while searching thorough watched channels and not finding anything remotely interesting "Damn it no new vids" he said pushing the mouse across the desk in a fit of anger." I can't believe it no new videos. WHYYYYYY!!??? Why Xephos , why do you hate me soooo". Tears began to form in the very comers of the young mans eyes. As the tears began to form his lips changed there composter, first it was subtile but they moved into a smile. "At least I can keep my self amused, with my own jokes" He said all the while laughing slightly.
(change of point of view. Keep or change to first person)
"damn its to hot. I'm all sweaty, I need to take a shower". With that statement I removed all of my cloths, leaving them in a messy pile on the floor. I walked a few meter across the room. Feeling the corse carpet underfoot. Then opening the door to my on-shet? bathroom. I'm so lucky I thought to my self as i entered the bathroom. To have my own bathroom. I really lucked out when i got this dorm-room. Although being lucky it was not much to look at. Having a simple sink and toilet and a shower shoved into such a small space. However being 5'4 and a very small frame. Made its small size tolerable. My mind was left to wonder around, mostly going over (.......something.......) as my body went into the routine of washing myself. After 5 minutes of showering I decided I was clean as i could get.

Pushing a button, stoped the torrent of water. With the free hand i grabbed the towel hagging on a hock on the door, using it to the worst of the water off of my body. Picking up my glasses (yes i did take them off before washing). Looking across to my mirror i found no reflection looking back, using my hand i wiped the mirror to expose its reflective properties, and there I was looking into the mirror when I begain to ponder?.

What would it be like to have a girlfriend?. (yes i haven't had a girlfriend and in 19 and yes by exsertion I'm still a virgin). I mean I could understand how i don't have one, being shy I tend to avoid large groups of people, and don't go out much. I always second guess myself and not say what i want to. Ether because I don't feel comfortable or that I don't know how the other person would react. Therefore i come out to be not very talkative, and very shy. However once comfortable with someone you cant shut me up. But anyway still i want to know what I'm missing. They say "ignorance is bliss" and there right but What would it be like to have a girlfriend? I ask myself again. With that thought still circling around the room seemed to blur. Thinking by glasses where steaming up I used by hands to wipe them. This did not help. In fact the room was blurring even more. My head began to spin and I grabbed the sink with both hands to stabiles myself. Then the room began to regain some sense of stability. Although one thing was different the light was out. "What the, the light went out?. Shit I'm goanna have to call maintenance later to get this fixed." using the towel still in my hand I wrapped it around my waste. "I'm still feeling a bit woozy?. Guess Iv spent to long in here" with that i opened the door.

Sunlight rushed in. Leaving me to blink as my eyes adjusted. Something is wrong i thought. In the conner of my eye there was something. Something that should not be there. Turning my head my eyes meet... A girl. A GIRL???? Wait, what, a girl, a Girl was on my bed reading a magazine. Ok past tense was reading a magazine until i walked out of the shower.

There was a few seconds of silence as each of us tried to comprehend what was going on. Many thought ran through my head, most of which probably went through hers. All of them boiled down to one, one that was admittably the most and least important thought. "How the hell are YOUUUU!!??" we both shouted in unison. It was a few more seconds before she picked up the courage to speck. "No you tell me first or I will call the police" She threatened. I know this was no empty threat due to the mire fact that now in her hand was a mobile phone. "I'm (name), and this is my room so that the hell ar.." I was cut short but my mind finally kicking into gear, taking my eyes off the girl on what i though was my bed, which seemed to have purple sheets and covers instead of my normal navy blue ones. "Wait is this my room?" I asked myself thinking I'm losing my grip on reality. "Wait my computer should be..." again as i turned my head towards my desk I found that my computer was gone, and in it place was a dozen books,a lot of makeup, other various objects and a plate with a nice looking sandwich. With juicy ham in it ummmm. Damn it (name) its no time to think about food. "This not my room. Then how did i get here?" However as fate would have it, fate gave my a sign. A sign that was in the shape of a bird flying past the window. Now drawn to the view from the window. A view i know all to well a view iv seen countless times. This is ascendantly my room.

"YOUR room, what bull shit is that.THIS is my ROOM!!" The girl shouted at me. "No this is defiantly my room, iv lived here for the last 2 months." i said back not a force full as her. "Iv lived here for the last two months, NOT YOU. Wait why are you almost naked?" wait what she was finally realizing that now?. No (name) don't get distracted again. "I can prove iv lived here." "How then". "There is a message underneath the desk saying "hello to the next occupants, hope you have fun. Janet 2006" ha I though got her. And I had she was speechless. For a moment "Wait how did you know about that message?" she asked with less forceful tone. "That is because i live here at dorm 56 room 582."

Then a knock at the door came "Crystal are you OK, I heard you shouting?" can a voice behind the door, i could only assume it was the person who knocked. Although she was a girl by the sound of her voice. Wait 56 was an all guys dorm. And wait her name is Crystal, where have i heard that name before?. "I'm OK Debbie, just talking to myself"
"OK Crystal, if you say so. I'm ganna be in my room if you need me" Debbie called back. Debbie iv heard that name before as well. Wait frist of all "Why did you not tell Debbie about me being i here?" I asked Crystal "Well for starters your not attacking me so I'm tolerating you and second I'm trying to work out how you came out of my bathroom socking wet when both my window and door are locked. And to top it off I was just in the bathroom". "I don't know" i answered said. OK this is so confusing I know I'm in my room but all other evidence point to it being Crystal's room. Crystal. Wait Crystal. It finally dawned on me, I know there I know that name from. "Wait your Crystal Lockwood." I stated. "Yes that's my name". Yes finally a clue. Crystal Lockwood along with Debbie where names of the pervious years occupant of dorm 56. I knew this because some of there letter were still coming to this address.

So this means only one thing. Iv gone back in time by about a year. OK this doesn't make much sense. How did i go back in time?. Lets check my theory. "Crystal I think I know how I got here" I stated said. "how then?" "well first tell me the date" "its the 16th of December" "and the year?" "Its 2012 Why is that relevant?". "OK this my sound weird but I think iv traveled back in time by about a year. Well exactly a year" Her face was blank as she processed the information. "how is that even possible?" "I know it shouldn't be possible, but the laws of physics i should be in deep space." "hun?" was the only response given by her. "Well if i did just go back intime a year. Earth would be in a totally different part of space. So not only have I travel back into I must have traveled in space as well." "OK this is crazy, but then again it is the only explanation and 'Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.'"

"so you believe me?" I ask with an expression of shock mixed d with a small amount of joy. Yes at least I'm not alone in this. "No" replied Crystal. The joy was fading fast now, like an adrenaline rush at a theme park it was a short lived feeling. My worries where not over yet as she had more to say. "Well i cant say I do believe you. Its so, so.... so hard to wrap my head around. I mean its the only explanation for what's happening, but it still does not make scene ." "Your right, I'm trying to work it out myself. I understand that iv time traveled but why, how and what for." "what do you mean by what for?" "I mean that it cant be a quicidense that I traveled back exactly a year, that not only did I travel in space but also in time. Like I said before even if I traveled in space the odds of me appearing anywhere remotely habitable are astronomically small, but then I end up in the same point in space relative to my positioning on Earth at the time. And to top it off I know of no natural phoneme or see any possible way that this could happen naturally. So it leaves me to think ..." Crystal cut me short "That someone or someone sent you back in time." "now you get it" I say to Crystal. "but why? Why you, there must be a reason." "There has to be. There has to be a reason, no one would waste the massive amount the energy to send someone through time. That or this some sick practical joke made by a god like being." I joke. The room turns eerily darker , the room begins to feel colder and colder, my laughter disappears as if it was being stretched and bent, twisted in upon itself. Like the heat the sound of my voice evaporated, leaving the cold ring of despair. Then it spoke. The sound of the voice resonated throughout the room. It came from every direction and no direction at all. Soft and calming, yet terrifying and strong. A whisper and a shout at the same time. It came from close by yet it felt like it was unimaginably far away. "Yes you are right Arobynn it is a practical joke of a god like being"

Chapter 2

An evil and menacing demon face appears looking something like this but not as scary
http://smg.photobucket.com/user/Dark_M/media/Demons/36e26164.jpg.html. Jumping back in fright, I end up sitting on Crystals bed. I could not move at all. I guess my fright or flight instinct was more fright then fight. 'Shit, what is this? What should I do? I need to get out of here. But I can't leave Crystal. What the hell am I thinking, if this, this thing brought me here getting away would be imposable'. "Muhhhhahahahaha Yes Arobynn you can't get way". 'wait what? It can read my mind'. "I wouldn't make a good god if i cant read the mind of a measly little mortal, now would I?" said the Demon god. Although it was speaking its mouth did not move at all. It was as if it was talking to me in my head. I look over at Crystal. She looks back at me with the same bewildered look. "It can read are minds, it knows things, about. About me" Crystal said, well more like whispered. She said it as if she was not talking to me but speaking to herself. "And Arobynn I'm not an it I am a GOD!" As the demon god spook the room became to change again, but this time everything went in reverse. The room quickly warmed up, the light brightened and before the demon god finished speaking the room was back to normal. The demon god also dissapped without a trace.

"dess" came a cheery voice from behind me. Before I could turn around, a pair of arms appear from behind my head and bring me into a hug. I could not move. It wasn't because I was being stoped. Moving was the last thing going through my head as i felt something warm. Well two things pushing into my back. Who ever it was she was not wearing anything. It was odveous to me even a virgin like me, I could defently feel two hard things against my back. This was too much simulation for me as I could already feel myself getting hard.

"Hello there Arobynn. Are you liking this? I bet you do. A girl hugging you like this, it must be so..." She moved forwards pushing herself harder against me, tightening her grip around my neck. Yes she defently was naked, as I felt her breasts envelop my hack in there soft warm embrace. Her hair brushed by shoulder as her head mover closer to my own head. I could feel her hot breath against my neck. "... Stim-u-lat-ingg" She said slowly into my ear, saying every syllable separatively, putting efficiences the last. This sent a chill down my spine. 'wow this is amazing' having a girl do this to me this must be my best and worst day in my life. "Its nice to know that your having fun Arobynn" she said still with her mouth millimeters from my ear, and to emphasis her point she gave it a little lick. A small moan escaped my lips. Which in turn earned me a giggle from the person currently drapped over my back.

"WHAT The fuck IS happening here" Crystal shouted. This pulled me out of my little dream world. "I was just having a bit of fun" said the person behind me. She lessened her grip around me. Pulling way from me, taking her nice warm pillows with her. I let out a quiet disappointed moan as my back was gain left slightly cold without her body heat. Although I have to admit the heat part was not the thing that disappointed me but the body part. Hearing this she decided to keep her arms around my neck. " and can you please put some cloths on" called Crystal on the other side of the bed. "Ok, ok" She was quiet behind me for a few seconds before she replied. "there is this better?" I couldn't see what was happening behind me. I wanted to turn around but the arms around me weren't letting me. "Now who the hell are you? Why are you here? Where you the one to send Arobynn here? And can you please stop hugging him". Said Crystal, clearly pissed off by the second intruder in her room. "Are you jealous or something Crystal?" Replied the second intruder. "No I'm not jealous. Why would I be jealous? How could I have feelings for this guy iv only just meet today " replied Crystal. '"this guy" that's a little mean'. "Yes that was a little mean Crystal. "this guy" his name is Arobynn, and to be honest he is very cute. And I wasn't asking if you where jealous that another women was around Arobynn but if you where jealous that it wasn't happening to you." My mind was again lost in the sea of my amazing imagination, I was flashed massive amounts of explicit scenes. Although Crystal was part of them I could only use said imagination to add the other persistent. 'Darn I wish I could turn around and she what she looks like, so I could help out my imagination' "here you go" I here a voice in my head as the shadowed women was replaced with a women her early twenties, with long black hair cascading down her back, stopping just bellow her waist. Her deep green eyes where enchanting she looked past me. Into the distance with a smile on her small and perfect lip. Siting behind Crystal as they both sit kneeling. She was pushing her naked body against Crystals back, her kneeling legs push into Cystals. She wrapped her hands around Crystals breasts from underneath her arms. Crystal let out a moan as the hands groped and fondled her breasts. Crystal pulled her hands up from resting on her legs up and grab the goddesses, pushing them deeper into her breasts. 'This is the best daydream ever!' "Looks like Crystal is enjoying herself to" answered the goddess. It did not come from the daydream one but the real out. 'what does she mean?' curiosity gripped me, and although part of me protested I had to know. Quickly the daydream faded as i turned to my left to see Crystal.
Up untill now I hadn't really had a good look at her. She sat how she had in my daydream, with her kneeling on her legs. She is short and slender with straight, chin length honey blond hair and mournful dark brown eyes. She was wearing a
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