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There's a new restaurant in town ... if you dare. A Writer's Cramp Winner
The Zombie Diner

I read the ad and shook my head.
Surely this was a joke.
A restaurant for the living dead?
It almost made me choke.

There on the page was the food list:
Grilled Hand and Cheese Sandwich.
The fine print read “It can’t resist.”
Was this a real sales pitch?

Fresh Lady Fingers – guaranteed
no more than two days old.
“Your expectations we’ll exceed –
you’ll find no trace of mold.”

Try Eye-Scream Sandwich for desert.
I felt myself turn green.
The pictures made my eyes avert
too gory to be seen.

Still, I had to see if this was real
or just some clever gimmick.
And so I dropped by for a meal
prepared to be bulimic.

The waitress was a rotting corpse.
Her ghastly smile, a grin.
She set the table, knives and forks
and a small piece of chin.

“This is too much” was my first thought.
She handed me a menu.
Her look told me that I was caught …
the special said “It’s YOU!”

So don’t be fooled by ads you see
or you’ll end up a dupe.
Or worse you may end up like me:
I’m now the first course: soup.

An entry for the 11/9/13 round of "The Writer's Cramp
Prompt: There's a new restaurant in town with an interesting theme. What's the theme, how is it expressed, and how's the food?
Line Limit: 40
Line Count: 32
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