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Rated: E · Other · Action/Adventure · #1961989
Written in a bystander perspective, a strict 2nd person POV. This is the opening scene.
Weightlessness. It would have felt free if not for the hundreds of people trying to float to the two story window at the aft end of the ship. Here, if one was to squeeze through the crowd, they could take in a panoramic view of the Earth, their ravaged, famined, pestilent planet. There were countless reasons for the ship's hundreds of passengers to go on such a foreboding exodus, yet nostalgia kept a firm grip in some hearts. There were indeed a few who feared the unknown future that awaited; so they briefly felt a sense of longing as they orbited the place where they were born and raised.

         Suddenly, amidst the excited chatter, there was a loud exclamation. People gasped and pointed at an obvious movement in the atmosphere below: cutting through cloud and open sky alike was a thin white vapor trail lengthening at blistering speed. A few seconds later another appeared speeding in the opposite direction. The ship was currently over Europe; although it was inverted so that Africa's vast Sahara was on the horizon. All breath was held as the first missile approached the British isles , and there were many shrieks as the explosion went off like a flashbulb, the bright light reaching the observers' eyes from hundreds of miles away. Less than a minute later the other ICBM detonated somewhere over Germany. a third explosion drew attention to the Siberian tundra. Another flash, like lightning, right on the horizon. At this angle the rising mushroom cloud could be recognized. By now the sky was an etch-a-sketch of missiles crossing paths en-route to their targets. The onlookers witnessed sorrowfully as their world finally succeeded in destroying itself.
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