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What would be the truth behind aliens and Roswell? Read on to find out!
1. What happened at Roswell?

The incident at Roswell, one of the most know UFO sightings, has been a worldwide fuss, and has had a great impact on ufologists as well as paranormalogists.
But the true question is, what REALLY happened at Roswell?

Starting off, let us mention what was sighted.
Witnesses have written down words similar to this book's quote :
"A UFO crashed northwest of Roswell, New Mexico, in the summer of 1947. The military acted quickly and efficiently to recover the debris after its existence was reported by a ranch hand. The debris, unlike anything these highly trained men had ever seen, was flown without delay to at least three government installations. A cover story was concocted to explain away the debris and the flurry of activity. It was explained that a weather balloon, one with a new radiosonde target device, had been found and temporarily confused the personnel of the 509th Bomb Group. Government officials took reporters' notes from their desks and warned a radio reporter not to play a recorded interview with the ranch hand. The men who took part in the recovery were told never to talk about the incident. And with a whimper, not a bang, the Roswell event faded quickly from public view and press scrutiny."
There were reports of the sighting of a "strange flying saucer" which began to "plummet" and "chuff".
One report, never proved or recorded, said that there was a clearly visible lime green being sitting inside the cockpit.

The government, however, argues that they were testing high-tech aircraft.
Although this is the usual case in UFO sightings, we know that our Government is not a reliable source.
If it really was a Spirit B2A or something similar, how would that explain the Roswell UFO being housed by Area 51?
Why would they want to inspect it further if it was THEIR OWN COUNTRY'S AIRCRAFT?!
There must be more to this.

Could it have been outer beings?
. You know, let's call this UFO... UFO R. It will help later on.
Anyway, visit this polish webpage.
Look at the upmost picture.
Does that look anything like military aircraft from 1947 to you???

Here's another picture -
Yeah. Sure. Military Aircraft. 1947. Government. We believe you.

The UFO R does in fact remind me of a certain military aircraft.... made in 1999. I can't remember it's name, but I certainly remember it's manufacture date.

So, our conclusion to this is -
1. Roswell was quite probably a REAL UFO sighting!
2. Area 51 houses many quite probably real UFOs.
3. Our Government is a big fat lie.

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