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Pronunciation guide for the story Fiore
You will notice that, within this tale, a language is used that may be different from your own. Although while I try my best to translate and make you aware of the meanings of the language used, I cannot always be certain. Therefore, use these guides to help you understand the journey that is unfolding before you. Firnen et brise.

Firnen et brise—[Fear-nen-et (as in bet)-breeze] May your fire burn bright. A term of acknowledgement, a farewell phrase. Literally translates to bright fire. Specifically you should roll your’ tongue on the ‘r’ in Fir-nen.
Eht cit de Fiorn—[Et (as in bet)-sit-der-fee-orn (as in thorn)] The burnt City
Fioré—[Fee-or-ay] The Royal House and region of Fire, a variant of fire (Fir) in the ancient language.
Tabule—[Tar-bool] Literally translates to big earth, the mountainous region past
Fir—[Fear] Fire’s true name in the ancient language.
Gondrall—[Gone-drall (as in all)]
Èyre—[Simply pronounced air] The royal house and region of air.
Tarne—[as in tarnished] The royal House and region of Earth
Méarre—[as in mayor] The royal house and region of Water.
Mar—[as in march] The true name of water
Tar—[as in tarnished] The true name of earth
Ismère—[iz-mayor] The name given to the regions as a whole (like a continent and the regions are states).
Raa—[as in car] The mountain that the great dragon Vrai inhabits.
Corale—[core-al (as in albert)] The small southern mining town between the Plains and Méarre.
Bolt—[as in a lighting bolt]
Bo—[as in bow]
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