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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #1962451
This short novel tells a tale about a young girl and her friends going on an adventure.
This is a story.
One of hope. One of happiness. One of friendship. One of deception... One of corruption.

         In a long ago time, there once lived a young girl who minded her parents. Though she wasn't quite as educated as others, she was happy. Humans being far from this village called Ruhoha, it was quite hard to call this place anything short of beautiful. The sun usually shined brightly and happily above the strange animal-appearing creatures. These beings all walked on two legs, and spoke as we would.

         She was no exception to this, and had grown up on a farm. This farm would be one that she tended once every daybreak, and just as the sun had set, she was encouraged to do it once more, to keep things in order, and to allow the various vegetables and such to grow. She wouldn't be the only one. All children by the age of 10 had learned how to pave the fields, and to plant crops. She wasn't the best at it, but she had tried, and succeeded well.

         One day, things had seemed to change a bit more than usual. She looked confusedly at a bush near a tree, which was also near her at the time. She wondered just what could be in this tree. There wasn't too much to the tree itself. Made of a solid oak, its leaves glistened from the morning's rain, a drop falling once every now and then. She had went to investigate it, and hoped to come across whatever was making such a racket: Bushes usually didn't rumble like this one did. Ignoring other children around her, the twelve year old wolf had examined the bushes.

         Things really weren't the best. Upon looking into the bush, she saw two sets of eyes looking at her before they disappeared, and into the shadows two figures had run. Now, Lorissa was still quite young, and didn't really know much. She thought it was just some kids playing a joke on her, since the bush, despite its large size, had been just barely enough for kids like her. She shook her head with a slight curious look on her face, watching the others disappear into the dark.

         Ah, but this marked the end of her little 'break' she was taking. It was back to work with her. She hummed softly as she tended to some potatoes and the like, and seemed to soon forget the children entirely. Maybe it was just her mind playing tricks on her, after all. Nonetheless, work was to be done here. She was close to being finished, and soon had been done with it. The raking, the plowing, all for the vegetables to be planted. The watering, the prayers, all for great Goddess Aurora to bless their crops so they could eat peacefully.

One thing to note about this place, however, is that it had never had any problems. It was almost a perfect haven. People got the occasional scrape or sprained ankle, but no one truly had known what death could be like in this place. Accidents usually didn't happen here, and everything was nice, quiet, and peaceful. This was how the Cornerians enjoyed their time, and so they did... For now.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1962451