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The story continues, and Lorissa finds out just who these two boys are!
         Lorissa was glad to be able to continue her work, even if it was tiring for her. This sort of thing helped build character, and she was able to continue her working for her family's sake. Without her effort put in, she couldn't eat: Everyone in every family had to put effort in helping out at least a little or they couldn't come home to a decent meal. It wasn't a cruel rule: Those who couldn't work got to eat regardless: They couldn't support themselves either. Therefore, others, being as kind as they were, would happily take care of their jobs for them. Even the lame weren't left out of this, since the village lived as a family. Still, something scratched at the back of Lorissa's mind as she went over this rule in detail in her head...

         "Who are you...?" A voice had seemed to ring in Lorissa's ear. She perked her ears up curiously, and looked about. Upon seeing no one nearby, she figured whoever it was had been long gone. However, the voice then said; "What is this place?" This only served to scare Lorissa a bit more. She finally spoke out. "Someone there?" She said before quietly approaching where she suspected the voice had come from. She saw the two sets of eyes again, both sets looking out to her. One set was emerald, the other was brown, neither seemed familiar to her. Most Cornerians had aqua-blue eyes, and such other colors were foreign to them. Since they lived in seclusion, this sort of thing was unwanted by the simple folk.

         "Yes, we're here!" another voice called out before Lorissa walked over, away from her farming, to investigate further. Leaving a hoe behind, she was about to look deep into the bushes, before two strange beings showed out from them, and came into the open from behind the bushes. They looked almost alien to her. It scared her, very much so. Their smooth skin, their slightly rounded faces. They had flat muzzles, not much to them. They had no tails, and they had strange ears on the sides of their head! What were these beings? She blinked a bit before sniffing at them. Yep, definitely foreign. Now, time to get some answers...

"Who are you? Why are you hunting us?"

"We're not hunting you, we just like this place. It seems... really strange to us."

"Well, can you tell me your names?"

"You first!"

The wolfess sighed to herself, rolling her eyes and crossing her soft gray-furred arms. "My name is Lorissa. What's yours, now?" "My name's Sephiran, and this is Ovan, my brother. I've never seen a wolf walk on two legs before..." "You never did?" Lorissa asked, surprised. The one named Ovan, who had a slightly dark look to him spoke up then. "Not a single time. Though, it's nice to meet you!" He said, offering his hand to her. She looked confused, and quickly mistook this for a slowed-down attack, gripping the hand and tossing the boy over her shoulder, causing the two boys to gasp, and one to grunt in pain from hitting the ground afterwards.

         Before Lorissa could continue, she was stopped by Sephiran, who tried to calm her down. "N-no, no! H-hey, calm down! Lorissa, that's called a handshake! It's a greeting!" Lorissa had calmed down nearly instantly, surprised at what she had done. She looked back at the man. "What's a... uh... handshake?" She asked, seeming more confused than not. Sephiran slapped his hand upon his face, and let it drag down shaking his head as he groaned in annoyance. This was going to be a long experience...
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