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The primary written part for a promotional booklet for my school's portfolio show.
Note: I'll be using this in a promotional mini-book I'll be handing out at the portfolio show part of my upcoming graduation, and it will be accompanied by minor illustrations. My identity is actually meant to be fairly playful, and does include a little dragon. Also, I got some help spicing it up from the spiffy "Invalid Item (and others).

Not so long ago, in a magical land,
lived a great King with an idea so grand
that for it to properly be unfurled
it would have to be seen by all the world!

And what better way than to show it online?
But with his kingdom to tend, he had no time.
He wished for a website wonderf'ly made,
and so bid the Dragon to come to his aid.

"First we need content," the web Dragon said,
"easily viewed and as easily read.
Confusion is ever your greatest foe -
if none understand, astray they will go!"

And so she assisted in building a plan
ensuring their users would understand
why they were there and what they should do,
where everything was and where to go to.

But content alone still wasn't much good
for without any markup, no browser could
show more than a text blob, as they couldn't tell
one thing from another sans HTML.

So headings and lists and figures were labeled,
paragraphs defined (grouped in divs and not tabled).
The Dragon made it so semantic'ly rich,
there's no way the markup could cause any glitch.

But the site looked so plain, and that wouldn't do!
"It needs CSS!" So she added that too.
A bit of color, text more readably spaced
and everything carefully, flexibly placed

All the King's content was held over it all,
but soon, the King's website was fit for a ball.
And with all the styling in a separate sheet,
its look could be swapped, and all still stay neat.

The King was delighted, but his idea was big
and updates must be easy - there's no time to dig.
A PHP template would save them much time
and a MySQL database would be sublime.

All the Dragon had built fit a CMS -
this particular idea used WordPress.
With the right plugins and some custom code,
the grandeur of the King's site could unfold.

For some extra shine at the King's request,
the Dragon thought JavaScript would be best.
To keep it simple, she used a library
and most was writ in the form of jQuery.

A small sidebar prompt, a smooth image slider;
for the users, a handy section hider.
A few little fixes to the site overall,
but a good experience users would recall.

When all was complete and thoroughly tested;
no errors were found, all code rightly nested;
all typos fixed and the SEO staunch -
finally, the time had come for the launch!

The King watched the analytics with joy
and thanked the good Dragon under his employ.
The happiness spread and reached up to new heights
for the King's grand idea on his well-built website.
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