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by Angus
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A glimpse into history (maybe?)


         He had received his orders, but the Emperor had left it up to him to make the final plans.

         As Admiral Yamamoto of the Imperial Fleet of Japan stood on the deck of his magnificent aircraft carrier on the night of December sixth, nineteen hundred and forty-one, he carefully laid out the details to the hundreds of brave young pilots who were gathered before him.

         “This is what we shall do tomorrow morning. At seven o’clock sharp, just before the great rising sun, we will launch all of our torpedo planes and bombers toward this island,” he said, tapping his pointer on a somewhat outdated map.

         An evil smile creased his face. Many of the pilots had quizzical expressions on their faces, but Yamamoto didn’t pay any attention.

         “This will not only catch our enemy off guard, but in the process we shall obliterate their Navy. You will destroy all of their battleships and destroyers, but our main objective is to wipe out their fleet of aircraft carriers, which by the way, will all be stationed there in a row like sitting ducks.”

         The pilots still looked confused. The Admiral still didn’t pay any attention.

         "This is all part of my plan to conquer this detestable enemy of our great country,” continued the Admiral. “They are Capitalistic pigs, and as such must be dealt with immediately!”

         One of the pilots in the back raised his hand to get the Admiral’s attention.

         “Yes? What is it?” asked his superior.

         “I don’t think this is going to work,” said the pilot.

         “Oh? And why not?”

         “Three reasons, sir. First of all, we’re in the wrong ocean. Second, they are a landlocked country without a navy. And third, we’re not going to war against Switzerland!"

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1962637