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Rated: 18+ · Other · Action/Adventure · #1962848
The effect of an encounter in the dead of the night on an esthwhile frightened passerby
Ass, a multipurpose utility animate employed severally in numerous human functions, maltreated in most cases as a tool, most people who engage that fails to realise sometimes you need to take good care of your tools in various form for continuity

An adage for the law terrain to convey a message as depicted in whatever employs either good or bad, guessed this include a police man stalling citizens at 2.00am in the dead of the night

Kenny relived the encounter with the law on faithful night of mystical experience, he observed a vehicle without headlight on his heel, agitated confused, feelings of unsafe crept in, most ideal option to him, increase speed to fester off the unknown caller at unholy hour, you will want to wonder, why on earth was he on the road at An auspicious time, headed for place of mean of livelihood

Eventually, a beam of vehicle headlight came on after couple of anxiety, followed by roving roof light from a police vehicle, alas, came a relief of some sort.

Pulled over and await the emergence and approach of an officer occupier of the vehicle expectedly, however that took close to 6mins after pull over, anxiety return, what on earth could be going on, parked with lock up and anxiously hoped for some divine intervention

A police man approached, do you know I have been following you from 11th Ave and how far you were going, he asked, relaxed at least to be with a law enforcement agent in uniform.

Hid the anxiety and look of worry, hide under the facade of not betraying emotion of fear, responded late for work, as a potential prey with predator on the prowl, he quipped, do not know the speed he replied, the officer quickly added at school zone and barely stopped at stop sign, I stopped came the response, do not know if barely stopped and stopped have any difference and in a zone without school in session at middle of the night with a frightened motorist suspicious of strange move in the dead of the night

Pleaded for leniency, first offender without any previous warning or misdemeanour, and that, officer tamper justice with mercy with personal guarantee not to happen again, it fell on deaf ears, appears this officer was hell bent for conviction, of course a citation ensued, over speeding, refusal to obey stop sign with no proof of insurance, the proof of insurance was eventually produced and the officer promised to take it off record, but will still show in recipient’s copy

Kenny is a guest of people and government of United State Of America, a country he held in high esteem with utmost respect, gone ahead to pay back for the love granted and expressed in practical terms, pragmatic a nation in words and deeds, several volunteer work for a country that show and offer so much promise and respect for human dignity, as a writer, he has demonstrated in writing, America’s exceptionalism for mankind in her numerous humanitarian gestures

An overzealous suspicious policeman chose to throw spanner in the wheel of mutual respect, does the law specifies stalling of presumed innocent citizens in the middle of the night for desperate point of accusing finger and to serve what purpose

His friends intone and educate, that is the nation’s baptism of fire, welcome to uncle Sam’s country they echoed, disagreed, it doesn’t have to be this way

It is a bad experience, killing the volunteer and give back spirit of an enthusiastic giver. The law obviously a stupid ass defended by an equally overzealous ass           

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