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Naked Judge At Work
         There have been three reports in the past week of Supreme Court judge, Davis, being naked under his robe.  One woman, Jude Reid, said that she noticed it right when she walked in the room.

         “I knew something was weird as soon as I walked in,” Reid said.  “I walked in for my trial and he was facing the wall, he was slipping into his robe and when he turned to me, I saw everything!  He didn’t even have it all the way down when he turned!” Jude Reid told Sam Adams, a local news reporter.

         A second witness was a man named Ron Walker.  He said it took him some time but he finally figured out he was really naked under his robe.

         “I walked in, nothing seemed weird at first but then I noticed the judge never showed his hand, his face turned red and then that is when I knew!  I just knew!  The stenographer could see behind his bench and she gasped when she saw what he was doing!” Ron Walker reported.

         Our third witness was the stenographer, Tara, she said she had never seen anything like it before and it wasn’t right.

         “I’m not really sure what to say, what he was doing was not right.  He should not be allowed to have this job if he can’t do his business at home.  Work is not a place for sexual pleasure,” Tara said.  “How can someone like that be able to send someone to jail?”  Tara stated. 
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