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where shall we stand
leaves fell and willingly

they covered the soft grass

shelter from the freezing

wind and rain sure to come

ironically the same wind

blowing the leaves from the trees

there she came always came

and walked among the trees

smiling she loved the air

that held the breeze

that swayed the trees

that dropped the leaves

she closed her eyes and

stood quite still the first

flake of snow to fall from the sky

happened to fall right where

her eye would have been

but instead it fell on her lid

she grinned and had to spin

around and around she went

the trees and leaves and breeze

all spinning right with her

she fell to the ground upon

the bed of leaves  saving the grass

she was at home here deep

in the dark woods full of secrets

she kept from the relentless encroaching

straight lines of the disastrous disease

perhaps the world would pass by

she knew the inevitable demise

surprise it would not be you see

she knew they would not stop until

everything was finally straight

she took a deep breath of the beautiful

sweet air that tasted like sky

with a hint of snow flake

and knew she would fight

right here in her place

she would hold the line
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