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A Children's poem about two maple leaves.
Two Little Leaves

Two little leaves on a maple tree,
Turned a vibrant red for all to see.
The winds blew hard, but the leaves held on.
All the other leaves let go by dawn.

Two little leaves saw the ground in red,
"I'll have to go now", one of them said.
"Let's jump together, we'll have more fun!
We can count it down, from three to one."

"Three, two, one", the leaves jumped off the branch,
They fell to the pile on old Sam's ranch.
Laughing with joy on the cold fall day,
The wind picked up, swept one leaf away.

Here came old Sam with his rake and bag,
Found every leaf in its nook and crag.
Put them in the sack... the pile was dense.
Little leaf waved, "I'm here by the fence."

"I don't want to stay here by myself,
Put me in your book, or on your shelf."
Pretty little leaf caught old Sam's eye,
Sam picked him up with an old man's sigh.

Took him inside for granny to see,
"My how lovely, now give him to me."
Placed on a table, happy and free,
The last red leaf from the maple tree. 
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