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first chapter
Chapter 1

I woke up to my alarm clock beeping, in my old trashy New York apartment. I looked over at my clock. It said 6:37. I groaned. I finally reluctantly pulled off the blankets, and walked to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror as I began to run my fingers through my long blond hair. I walked back to my room and pulled on my blue jeans and a white t-shirt. I went back to the bathroom and smeared on my makeup, brushed my teeth, and put on my shoes. I walked to the next room. “Bye mom.” I whispered in the dark room. “Bye honey. Have a good day.” She whispered back. I walked out of the dark room and got my bike. I left the warmth of my house, as I began to pedal to school. The cold air pinched at my skin. Not long after I left, a black Mustang stopped in front of me. That could only mean one thing. How could he be back? I thought he moved away? Jake stepped out of his car and smiled at me. “You know, it’s not good to be late the first day of school,” he smirked. Jake and I dated for a while and I ended breaking up with him after he ditched me for Melody, at the school dance. Even after I broke up with him, he still didn’t get the idea, that I wanted nothing to do with him. And after I told my guidance counselor, he began to hit me, and stalk me. He began to walk toward me. I backed up, never turning my back. He stepped forward. “Anna. I don’t want to hurt you. I just want to talk.” He said, his voice like honey. “I don’t want to talk” I jabbed at him. He stared at me, confused. He stepped forward again. “Leave me alone,” I whispered. He laughed. He lunged forward and grabbed my wrists. “Jake!” I screamed. “What?” he looked confused. “Don’t you love me?” he smiled. I pulled my hands away, and began to run away, but he pulled me back. He slammed his lips into mine, so hard he busted my lip. I pulled away. He slammed me up against his car. “Jake! Please stop!” I begged. He began to pull at my shirt. “Hey! Back off!” Somebody yelled. Some guy, about my age, came running forward. He had dark brown hair, shaved low, a firm built body, and I could tell, by just looking at him, he was not the type of person to fool around with. He grabbed Jake by his arm, and slammed him on the ground. I backed away. “Go,” he said calmly. I turned and ran to school. All I could think about was what he was about to do to me. My mind kept racing back and forth. This is my first day of school. Jake’s back. What if he’s coming to Rye High School? Who was that guy? I walked into the doors of Rye High School just in time. The first bell rang to go to class. I ran to my English class all the way across campus. I made it just as soon as the final bell rang. I looked around the classroom for an empty seat. My heart sank to the floor. There was only one seat left open, and it was right next to Jake. Jake had a black eye, his hair was messed up, and he had a pretty big gash above his brow. I stood there astonished. When I finally came back to my senses, I found everyone staring at me. I rushed to take my seat. How can this be? Why is he here? I have to sit with him. What is he going to say? Is he going to talk to me? Maybe I should just turn around. What am I supposed to do? I thought as I was walking to the seat of hell. It felt like the “butterflies” in my stomach, were actually eating me alive. “Nice to see you again babe” he smirked. I stared down at my desk, ignoring him, my face getting hot. I wanted to tell him to fuck off. But I knew how much trouble that would cause. He stood and leaned over my desk. “Are you alright?” he asked sarcastically, and began to chuckle. He circled my desk until he was right beside me. I contemplated whether or not I should get up and leave. He stroked my hair. “It’s alright honey. I’m not going to hurt you like your daddy did,” he said coyly. I wanted to cry. He had no right, what so ever to say that. My dad had nothing to do with this. He grabbed a piece if my hair, and pulled it, hard. “What about your sister? Didn’t she die a slow, painful death?” I stood up, and shoved him, so hard, he fell over the desk beside me. “My father and sister have nothing to do with this. You don’t even know about it!” The class turned and looked at us. “Really?” he asked as he stood up. “Wasn’t it you who told me about how your dad sexually harassed you? Wasn’t it you who told me your sister was rapped and killed by her boyfriend?” It felt like somebody just stabbed me in the stomach, and kept on twisting the knife. I fought back tears. Just then, the teacher walked into the class. Jake walked back to his seat. I quickly sat back into my seat, and took out a pencil, and a piece of paper. I avoided looking at him the entire period, although, I could feel him staring at me. The teacher’s name was Mr. Howard. He talked about the materials we needed for the week, responsibility, and papers due Monday. When the bell finally rang to go to next period, Mr. Howard walked out of the room to the bathroom. The class rushed to leave the classroom, and it was only Jake and I there. Jake waited for me to finish packing up my belongings. I tried to clean up slow, so I might have a chance of him just leaving. But he didn’t budge. I grabbed my backpack, and tried to run for the door, but he took a hard grip on my shoulder. “You know, I don’t know why you hate me so much. You’re trying to avoid me, and I only want to help you,” he said. I tried to pull myself out of his grip, but he only held on tighter, and it hurt more and more. “I don’t want your help. I want you to leave me alone. I hate you,” I said sounding braver than I felt. He turned me around and looked me right in the eye. “I know you’re scared Anna. You can sound as brave as you want, but I can see it in your face,” he pushed me to the floor. “I’m not scared of you!” I lied. His face lit up in flame. He was really angry. I thought he might explode. He smacked me in the face. The spot where he smacked me felt like fire. A hot tear trickled down my cheek. “Jake, I’m sorry. Okay? I don’t understand. You wonder why I don’t love you….” He gripped my throat with his big hands. “You don’t love me? Is that the problem? Are you too good for me?” he yelled. I tried to kick at him and get him off of me. The room was getting blurry. I prayed as I punched, kicked, I tried everything. “Why Anna? Why?” he continued to yell. The room was getting dark. Suddenly, it was like God heard my prayer. Mr. Howard walked back into the classroom. “Hey! Jake stop!” he yelled surprised. Suddenly people crowded the door way. Mr. Howard pulled Jake off of me. Air burst into my lungs. It felt like I was being held under water. “Annabel? Can you hear me? Are you okay?” Mr. Howard’s voice was foggy. I stood up and stammered to walk. My legs gave up, and I fell into Mr. Howards arms. The last thing I heard was the sound of the bell ringing for second period, and Jakes face littered my mind.
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