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The three meet up with a fourth, and the four kids set off on their adventure!
         After the three got to know each other, the boys had invited Lorissa to go on an adventure with them. It seemed that they were on some sort of mission, and they needed help on it. Only too glad to help, Lorissa exclaimed "Of course!" Why she did this, the two didn't really know. They assumed she was simply excited about going on an adventure. Truth is, not much happened in Ruhoha Village. It was quiet, happy, and friendly, mostly. Though, one can only handle the same dull life for so long. Lorissa wanted to go out and see the world!

         See, even then there was a bit of a problem. The Cornerians, having only recently (within the past fifty years) have settled into the forest. What most wouldn't guess is that Cornerians were actually a race of various anthropomorphic animalistic beings from a distant galaxy far-off. They were aliens that had settled onto Earth to colonize a piece of it for themselves. Humans to them were the aliens, not they themselves. Funny enough, the Cornerians had made a set of rules for the others to abide by:
1: Try and stay respectful of each other and the world around you. It isn't right to hurt anyone whatsoever.
2: Be tolerant of our fellow neighbors. They may be strange, but they were here first, and we should give them the respect they deserve.
3: Everyone who is able should do their part to make our village flourish. Teamwork and helping others is the only way to survive in a strange new place.
4: No one, absolutely no one, is allowed to interfere with the outsiders of this village. They are dangerous beings, and interacting with them can make them believe we are here to do them harm.

         Lorissa, however, had let her excitement get the best of her. As the three spoke to one another, a plan was made up. Since Sephiran and Ovan seemed to be going to stop a bad man named Kryo, who used ice magic to control other humans, Lorissa didn't want to see his plans come to pass. Lorissa may have abided by the laws of the village at all times, but she reasoned with herself that Rule #3 made Rule #4 have an exception this time around! Her tail wagging behind her, she announced she would be joining them. However, Ovan had finally spoken up.
"She can't come with us! She'll be in danger!"
"Ovan, please, brother. She wants to help us, what's the harm in that?"
"What if she gets killed? What could we tell her parents? What if her village hates us for what happened?"
"You're worrying too much, brother, I--"
"You don't understand. If she gets killed while we're stopping Kryo, what then? What do we do!?"
"Well what about us!? Won't we die if we go as well!? Is it really that bad for us, Ovan!? What's worse, our deaths or the deaths of millions at his hands!? We can't let him get away with what he does! I'll give my own life to save my friends, because our parents died fighting him!"

         The woods were silent. Lorissa could only watch the boys as they spoke, and by the end, she had seemed unwavered by their words. She stood proudly with a smile, and proclaimed once everything had stopped. "My brother lives in this village with my parents. My little sister does as well. If your part of the world is in trouble, then so is mine. We're all in this together, right? Let's make the best of it, and do this for our families, and friends."

         And so they did. Lorissa, Sephiran, and Ovan had re-joined with a fourth member who was helping a group of lost children a good couple towns away. This girl, Celine, was human in appearance, but all the same, she had seemed to have great potential about her. Lorissa and Celine usually had gotten along, and not often did they argue about anything. Lorissa knew a few powers she could use thanks to being able to manipulate aura. Aura was the life force of many beings, and what kept people alive. Cornerians were some of the only people in the universe who could control that aura and use it as both a protective force, and as something akin to magic. Celine, though she lacked aura powers, had great skill in magic. The two, despite their slight differences in fighting styles, had learned from each other, and grew to respect one another very quickly. Sephiran and Ovan, however, were at an odds with the friendship.

         "Do you really think she's a good addition to our group, Sephiran?" "I'm not sure, Ovan. Lorissa does seem to have potential. Not to mention she's tough like Celine is. Remember on the way here? A bull attacked us and Lorissa took it down on her own." "Yes, but power doesn't equal morality. She could turn on us, and maybe is decieving us." "Ovan... As much as that could be true, don't you think you could be imagining things? Look at her. She's no harm to anyone!" "You never know, brother..." "Well... w-we may just have to see that for ourselves."

         After the four children, Sephiran at 15, Lorissa at 13, Ovan at 13, and Celine at 14, had gathered up enough supplies from a town with their combined money, they had set out on their journey at last. Their first location? To travel to Mt. Krinara, the largest molten crater in the world... Would they survive their journey? Only time could tell, and the fates look on...

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