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It is what it is--a beginning!
How can I make sense of the things I've seen?
Living in a world so greedy.
Trying to get along with most everyone.
And not squander my time,
just trying to help the needy and the lost,
Life & love comes with such a big cost sometimes.
To be continued... *VinylB* *Tv* *Piano* *Cat2* *Cat2* *Cat2*

{My words have been stilled by others in my Past,Yet have found my voice once again. Life is a process for each of us,we must make our own choices in the end,the ones we made will be there in front. In the Great halls of justice. Only a fool would believe them-self as a God or Goddess,if they showed not continuous compassion for others,rather then putting oneself above all else... I have seen many of these sort of characters,in my whole life. I have lived over 5 decades,still in disbelief,that I would still be here at all. some did not have faith in me--that i would live past 21 years of age. wAY TO GO TO RAISE A CHILD! Good frekin thing I also had 150 IQ at 6 years old,however that did not do me Jack-sh-t,because my mother did not want "An egghead" So That makes me ask--why the hell did ya teach me to be so smart? It was for me both curse & blessing,though more of the former then latter... Just musing for the sake of leaving a word or 2 of humor or perhaps comfort of recognizing one self in the universal mirror~soul we all share on this dementional world! /c}

So I have been here ten years,not as much as I wanted to,but in putting others first,though not all could I get to at once. I lost my mind during this time,considering what others were doing to me both good and horrid to my psyche,and emotions/thoughts etc,it was my way of staying alive yet being detached--a skill I learned since childhood. Not one I care to explain--some matters belong to the living ~~some to the Dead. I am glad to take breaths yet--as I look forward to perhaps seeing my 130th birthday(I maybe should live so long!) For the moment,I am drained with the pain of my body a curse I must bear,as long as It is heavens will... be well and happy as I hope my keyboard will not die as my latop did...
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