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The various aspects of leading an eco-friendly living
Today, the main issue regarding environmental well-being is a change in the global climate. The change in the climate is found to bring imbalance in our living. The scientists are focusing on the prevention of the global climatic change and are making the public to understand their appeal. The lifestyle of each and every person contributes to the rate of climatic change. The quickness in climate change reveals the way people are making use of energy and generating the waste.

Every individual adopting the eco-friendly lifestyle can bring tremendous changes in the global environmental perspective. Canadians are known popularly now for rising up to challenges of the environment by making small and large changes in their lifestyle. Canadians stood as an inspiration for others in leading green-life, according to the recent environmental reports. Every individual taking the ‘Lead’ in protecting the environment is definitely an excellent approach for promoting honest green living.

•          Purchasing the items that are packed with less material and using the packing material that is recyclable is an eco-friendly act.

•          Willing to recycle every glass bottle, cans, newspapers and so on that is allowed by the municipality is also eco-friendliness.

•          Once in seven or ten days, carrying out the work by walking down to the desired place than by driving will contribute good to the eco-friendly environment. Using bicycle for carrying out small activities will enhance the body health as well as allows us to do work quickly without burning the fuel.

•          Checking the car frequently by keeping the Tyres in ‘Form’ and making changes in the oil will help in the consumption of less fuel and lesser emission respectively.  The eco-friendly cars can be chosen instead of those run by fossil fuels. Alternative fuel usage can prevent global warming.

•          Using LED bulbs or compact fluorescent bulbs for domestic purpose is an intelligent option.

•          The garden can be filled with the leaves that are rotten by avoiding the use of peat moss.

•          The domestic rain water drain at home has to be disconnected from the municipality drains so that rain water directly enters the yard and gets regulated at the surrounding earth. This will allow the water regulation by the earth first, prior to the water getting drained off through lakes, brooks and rivers.

•          When the TV and DVD players are turned off, turning the power off from the plugged wire is also important to save power. The power bars and plugs also draw power when the devices are turned off.

•          The thermostat can be set lower by few degrees while sleeping compared to the level set during the day time in winter. It is better to set the air-conditioner in summer to a temperature that is slightly greater than the level set during the day time in winter. These adjustments done at individual level will help us easily attain eco-friendly environment.

•          Keeping the vehicle or car idle without stopping the engine can be avoided if the waiting time is more than 20 seconds. 

These are some of the important basic aspects that can be followed to lead an eco-friendly life. Changing the life style by practicing activities like power saving and fuel saving will allow us to build an eco-friendly environment. 

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