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You've never seen true beauty.
         Have you ever seen beauty? True beauty that is out of this world, something you can't even imagine, and when you see it, it literally takes your breath away. I'm not talking about a painting or a picture, I'm talking about a natural creation so powerful in its existence that you instantly recognize that only God could've created something so beautiful, that this lies beyond the realm of man. I am looking at it right now.
         It is an array of colors, colors that are somehow fluorescent in front of a deep and dark backdrop. Colors that no artist would dare put together, streaked across the cosmos in powerful yet eloquent brushstrokes. The reds, blues, and violets aren't quite any of those colors, yet they are all recognizable, somehow, this scene was created in such a way as to display these colors without actually displaying them.
         I look longingly at such a beautiful scene through my cracked screen, my face stretched into a smile. My tongue is dry and my lips are chapped and broken. I fruitlessly lick my broken lips hoping for just a little bit of moisture. I get none. I sigh as I look at the sight, a cruel but beautiful reminder of my predicament. My eyes tear up as I accept my situation and my hands loosen to release the fire extinguisher that I had been holding. There is a hole where it had been punctured by flying debris; otherwise, it could have saved my life. It merely floats with me, right by my side, neither faster nor slower.
         There is a little beep indicating that I have just used up the last of my oxygen. I take one more staggered breath knowing that the next breath won't even come. A tear rolls down my face is I continue looking at such a beautiful scene in front of me as I drift off into the infinite beyond.

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