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by brom21
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A peculiar woman visits a village with malevolent intent.
Who--who can bear a rapier smile?

A kiss that dooms the soul to death?

That takes men’s life and very breath?

It was in a village in the light of the moon,

That the rose of darkness came to bloom.

She came with seduction through a magical gate

With a crafty heart and a mischievous state.

A sorcerous with the power of death;

Those who travel where they should not tread.

Her kiss devours the very spirit

It shall be well with those who fear it.

At twilight was a man of youth

Who lacked wise sense and truth.

The deceptive woman caught him by the arms

Her appearance was irresistible but inwardly vile

“Look into my eyes” she said with magic charm.

With the sight of her emerald green gaze,

She kissed him in his hypnotic daze.

Then he felt scared and leery,

Like his whole being was disappearing.

Within minutes, his body turned pale,

As it collapsed like the pit of hell.

She wiped her lips and grinned with evil;

Another soul made marred and feeble.

She slipped silently to her magical abode,

While she and her deeds are never known. 

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