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a story for class,i wasn't to fond of it, i wanted to redo it i wanted to see if i should
Being brought into this. Forced to play the villain by the real villains. “GOD I HATE IT .” Then people actually believe this load of bull crap.
When you’re alone here no one to talk to ,no one that understands you then you become paranoid,scared and so many other things i’d rather not get into. I used to have another one here,another so called villain ,but well he,I guess…he was really smart or was to me my only problem was that he didn't bring me when he,he,he left...
They well,they already had lost him and didn't want to lose me. So they kept an eye on me 24/7 thinking that if they left me I would have, have left too.
“Celosia its time” sir edgar said interrupting me from my thoughts and tears. He started laughing and told me to grow a pair. I took a deep breathe in and got ready to play the villain. I wished he had been here, even if we never talked he always was still there next to me.Sighing i walked out into the open and turned on my power.I was a polonium. I was the last one left out of all the Chalcogen which is group 16.Some people thought i was pretty in a way but i never saw it. I mean look at all these scars. I’m covered in them. We all are, The villains I mean.
I saw edgar and knew it was my cue to begin attacking people and taking them as my hostage. As I turned a silverish color and became my radioactive self flying taking people with me and causing hell like I was supposed to flashbacks began to crawl their way back to my mind making my job harder than it needed to be.
I remembered my home. The small farm,my mom,dad and my three older brothers. I had always been off even in elementary. I was made fun of everyday and at first I wasn't understanding why,I mean I Looked like everyone else except that my eyes would turn a shining blue sometimes or that I would turn a silverish color. My parents finally explained to me how I worked and why I was looked the way I did. I was polonium and I was also not alone. They explained to me that there were some people who were born that had the powers of the elements and that some were better than others, and that I also was a descendant of the discovers Pierre Curie, Marie Curie.The elements came in different ages depending on how they developed. I had developed fast. Considering my parents were chemist they knew alot about the elements,so when they explained I understood. I found out many interesting things.Im not magnetic but I was apart of the atom bomb that hit japan. I can make led and also can eliminate static charges. Another cool part was that polonium was found in human tissues,the biosphere, and tobacco.My weakness was acid. Ohhhh and if i wanted to make my element all I had to do was make uranium decay.
Sir Edgar began to defeat me as usual. He floated into the air with me which knocked me back into focus and even scared me a bit.He then shoved helium down my throat till I began to get dizzy and fell. Sir Edgar then grabbed the hostages and saved everyone like a hero would,and put me in a cage. Everyone went wild and crazy with glee,happy that I had been caught. I was carried through the town so everyone could see me,but people began to poke me with spears to just get a reaction out of me. I jumped and moved around trying not to get jabbed I had enough of the scars I didn't want anymore. While moving around I heard a huge bomb or some kind of explosion off in the distance then they slowly got closer to people everywhere began to get crazy and the heroes were confused well except for Edgar who had a smile and grabbed his keys and unlocked my cage extending his hand and said “hey come on if you want to live “. I clearly didn't believe him, for the fact I had grown up around their tests about “setting us free” and in reality if we tried to actually go they would beat us. “CELOSIA” he yelled at me. “I won't go with you I know its just some kind of test I’m not stupid so go go go away.” He lunged towards me and began helium down my throat ,but i wouldn't go down without a fight. Just before I passed out I hit him in the stomach as hard as I could and heard him grunt.
I awoke up to being carried over Sir Edgars shoulder and him screaming run Hayden run, which in my mind didn't make any sense considering hayden was supposed to be dead,he committed suicide didn't he…
I remember waking up again except this time I was in a cave with Hayden,or at least it looked like hayden i was still contemplating on the fact if that was really him.He was building a fire and then smiled up at me. Sir Edgar walked in with more wood and looked at me and rolled his eyes then walked back out. I stood up and walked towards the guy he called hayden. He looked like him and even talked like him. He had soft blue eyes and silvery hair that if it were to be held under the moon it were to only shine a lovely stardust color.He walked to me with a much larger smile then he had on before and said my name with an almost silky voice. “Hay Hay Hayden” i stuttered looking him into his piercing blues blushing.”Yes” he said looking back into mine. “H H How c can you b b be here.You died. Didnt you…” He was about to answer me when Edgar busted in laughing which scared the hell out of both of us. He looked at us with his eyebrow raised and a smirk across his face and said”Hayden you better tell her before I get ahold of her”. Hayden looked over and blushing pecked my lips softly and stared back at me while I was staring back up at him. I ran back to where I had woken up and put my head down blushing confused and letting all the thoughts finally sink in.Th,th,they saved me. Hay hayden was supposed to be dead but wasn’t,and he he he kissed me.
“calm down phantom bit…” “finish that sentence:” i snapped back “and i'll make sure you won't be a man anymore.” He thought just because he is a helium powered superhero he could call me that if I wasn't trying to fix my language I’d cuss him out till i was blue face. That that freaking prick ARGHHHH!!!”Feisty little one aren't you.”he smirked at me. “Shut up” i screamed and balled up my fist getting ready to punch him in the face.Celosia,Edgar STOP.We are going to have to love with each other. I looked him in the eyes like he had lost his mind. He wanted us, us Edgar and I to live together? Did he forget that he was our biggest enemy?”Celosia “ he said solemnly “Edgar is…””he is your what?””He is is my brother my older brother.”
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