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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Satire · #1963995
A satirical love poem.
Luminescent in Darkness

She has hair on her head, and hair in her nose,
She even has hair on the back of her toes.
If you look at her neck, she has hair on that too.
When it comes to her eyebrows, she has quite a few.

Her lashes are long...often tickle her chin.
The hair on one knee, hits the base of her shin.
She has hairs that grow in, and hairs that grow out,
But the ones on her knuckles are healthy and stout.

The hairs in her ears, are shiny... they glisten,
You better speak loud if she's trying to listen.
There's a mole on her forehead with hairs that are white,
Luminescent in darkness, a beautiful sight!

So much of her body is covered with hair.
She has a nice crop on her soft derriere.
The hairs on her torso are silky and black,
But some turn to red near the base of her back.

The hair on her shoulders looks sweet in the pool,
They wave like the motion of fish in a school.
Harriet's looks may be odd, but she's caring,
I knew when we wed, that the crowd would be staring.
We're having a son, and we're naming him Larry.
I think there's a good chance the lad will be hairy.
It isn't a problem for me... this I'm stressing,
Except when I catch my dear lover undressing.   

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