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Unexpected things happen at a typical store food drive.
It was a rainy afternoon as I pulled my car into the parking lot in front of the City Missions of Christ building.  I was eager to begin my first task. I did not know what I would be doing, only that it would be very important.  The building was old with a wooden roof and the paint on the wall was flaking.  I approached a woman behind a desk who rose from her seat to shake my hand.

  “Hello Mr. Taylor.  Without any ado I get right down to assigning you to your job.  You will be stationed at a local supermarket and ask for canned foods to any customers entering the store.  The holiday season is generally the most successful canned food drives.  Here is your ID card.  Show up at the Albertsons on Ann road where you will be given a booth to collect into.  You’ll start tomorrow at 8am.”

  “I understand,” I said.  I honestly expected something more important, nevertheless I was happy to              serve. The morning came early and I wasted on time arriving at the store.  Just as the woman said, I saw a plastic booth.  There was a sign that read “Donations”  below the window.  The first person I saw enter the store was an elder lady who had a gentle look on her face.  I smiled a I spoke.

  “Mam, would you mind donating some canned foods?”

    “And waste my social security money? I’m not about to give a cent! Bug off pal”

    I was shocked.  “Okay, bad first start.” I said to myself.  Then I noticed a man in a wheelchair being pushed by a teenager. 

    Good day sir, “ I said to the man.  He immediately looked at the man kindly declined. “Not today my friend.”

    “Okay sir. Have a good day.”

    Then I was repulsed by the next person who came in. He had multiple tattoos and was pierced everywhere!  His shirt said “Metallica” on it.  I looked down  and avoided eye contact.  He approached my booth and it was making me nervous. 

  “Hey dude what’s up?’

    His cordialness supersized me.

    “My buddy is waiting for me, so I can’t buy anything, but I do have fifty dollars on me.  Here you go,” he said as he handed the fifty dollar bill to me.

      Happy Thanksgiving  dude,” he walked away. 

    Before I could process my thoughts the next person came in.  He was seven feet tall and wore an expensive suite. He made direct eye contact with me and walked in my direction.

      “Why do you do this?  How can you waste your time in a pathetic plastic box when you could be doing something productive?  Wise up my friend.  Ditch the job.” He chuckled and turned away.

  Nothing would prepare me for what would take place next.  Three men in masks ran in with firearms burst into the store and one of them fired a shot into the air.

  “This is a stick up! Everyone; put your money into this bag!”

    Everyone began putting their money into the sack while I hid under my booth.

    It took thirty minutes for all the customers to empty their wallets and purses.  I peeked over my window and saw them run outside into a getaway car and then drive of with screeching tires.  All the people in the store were still scared as I saw policemen enter the Albertsons.

  “Is everyone alright? Said a cop. 

    Everyone nodded their heads reluctantly.  After an hour the situation died down.  I left my booth and went home.  I turned on the TV and saw the heist being reported on channel three.  Apparently there was a shootout with the robbers and the police and all three of the assailants were killed . 

    “Well I thought I would be bored to death with my assignment; boy was I wrong.                             

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