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How some people will feel on Thanksgiving Day.
Let's Face IT.

Lets face it...allot of people are not thankful.  Many of us have to fake it.  Sometimes people don't even know why they don't feel thankful.

Is it a slap in God's face if we just can't feel it?

It could be because some are in terrible chronic pain that they can't feel it.  Others may have bosses that are bullies, so they have to live in constant fear of losing their income and security.

Some people have nagging wives, or brutal husbands that rob them of the ability to feel thankful.  Some have too much responsibility at work, others live in constant fear, because they live in high crime neighborhoods.

A simple chemical imbalance that causes us depression can rob us of the ability to be thankful.  Even if we have everything we need to make us comfortable, some of us just can't "feel it."  Does that mean we are selfish?  Some people pray to feel it... They want to "feel it", but it seems so illusive.

Many of us are just not nurtured and loved enough to feel it.  Does a kicked dog feel it? 

So, I'm writing this little article in honor of all the people that just can't pull "the feeling" out of themselves in two days... Thanksgiving day.

For all of the orphans and elderly, whose families can't or won't come to visit them.

For all of the spouses that have become like strangers to their mates...who sit together and hold hands while grace is said, (for the kids), and wishing they could turn back time to feel the passion that they've lost for each other, but too many wrong words were spoken and can't be undone, or an act of folly occurred, that can never be erased.

Some aren't thankful because of betrayal.  To many years of mental abuse can program a person to be cold and unfeeling.  With hearts made of ice, they are expected, on this one day, to feel something that is impossible for them.

Now are you starting to feel thankful?  I hope so!

I have pointed out many of the reasons why millions of people will not be able to "feel it" on Thanksgiving Day.  If you are one of them, I am no stranger to your plight, so I will weep and pray for you... albeit in vain, "for some".

For others of you who are truly thankful...who are loved...who will sit with your family with warm hearts full of gladness, and bless that meal with hands entwined... eat desert in front of the TV, and talk about all of those funny, family moments, sharing the photographs that will open your vaults of memories, and make you laugh...I ask you to do one thing....

Find the one person amongst you who has been hurt the most recently, and tell them you're sorry that they had to go through that experience... then give them a long hug, and ask them to play a game of Scrabble with you or something that will distract them from the feeling that they JUST CAN'T FEEL THANKFUL.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1964322-Lets-Face-IT