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Wrote a few years ago
So as I sit here tonight, I have frustration in my soul about our government. Now I’ve had this festering over our government since the “Health Care for All” passed in our nation’s highest government along with high gas prices, unemployment, and immigration being the burning issuses. But what happened tonight really brought it home, allow me to explain why:

After I did my weekly trivia show, I met a girl who was in every sense of the word, simply “gorgeous”. She was beautiful, highly intelligent, and had a good heart. The problem was she had been used by her looks in the past by men and was in a severe state of depression.

Now we’ve all seen these types of people, who gave their all and got nothing in return, that frequent our lives and places of patronage hoping to establish a connection with someone, anyone, that pays them a bit of attention, inspires a bit of hope…she was no different.

However, this lady is in my opinion, the epitome of America. A nation of souls that gives and gives with the majority taking their liberties as their reward…and naught else.

I feel that if she, like America, was to let her true self show…the result would be so bright that you couldn’t look without being blinded. America is content however, for the majority to suffer silently while being taken advantage of, just for what they got in return….liberties that are slowly being taken away day after day no matter what party is in charge.

The only problem is to be summed up by a famous quote, “You can have peace, or you can have freedom…don’t count on having both at once.”

America is due for a show of the people, I saw an interview on tv where the host repeatedly asked a Democrat a major question about the Health Care bill, only to be sidestepped everytime. It eventually turned into a shouting match which wound up entertaining…but the point is, whether you are a Democrat or Republican, your first priority should be as an American….the greater good is what we need to focus on.

Now I am a “Jeffersonian Democrat” which means primarily that I am for the strict letter of the law, or in this case the Constitution. I have several relatives that have fought bravely for our country...and I am all proud to be related to. But some face layoffs, or a hostile nation upon their return. Is this what they fought for? Is this what our founding fathers had planned? I don’t think so. I rather think that the term “elected leader of the people” has been transferred to “leader of the people”.

To put it bluntly, the more the people get involved with government, the more honest it becomes.

Think about it, if I was to write about a concern about Health Care, my representative would pass it to an aide with a form letter to me. If 2000 people wrote about it, they would take concern and start to take more interest. If 75% took interest, they would be inclined to learn all they can to best follow the will of the people.


Simple, this is their livelihood, and they want re-elected.

So to the people who complain to their bartenders or friends, you are talking to the wrong people…send a letter, call your senator or representative and let them know your voice.

This is the only way we can take our nation back, the Tea Party is good in theory, but will ultimately be absorbed completely into another party and since it is turning more religion based, it will be the republicans. This nation is like the girl of my narrative, if we let ourselves show, it's the only way to fully shine as a nation…and as a person.

If you choose to complain, then do so silently…for that is the kind of American you are…a silent majority.

P.S.: If you decide to disagree, then that's fine...that's your right. But after reading the entire bill, I found several rights democrats don't want us to know to be in jeopardy, and a much better summary that mine can be found here:


Forget party lines, be an American. This is once again coming from a registered Democrat who's views lie in the Independent Party train of thought. The Republicans are still scary in my book since the Bush regime, but I'm willing to lay aside past actions for a common cause...
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