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by adamB
Rated: 13+ · Novel · Sci-fi · #1964563
the first book in the Solis Guard series
chapter 1

the docking port opened, and with the clanke of metal feet a driod walked into the docking port, closesly followed by a tall man.
"X-1 go find the controls, I want to be out of here as soon as possible!" the man said as he ducked through the door.
the droid truned to him, "yes sir, it should be easy, this is a standard patten ship".
"X-1 what do I keep saying everytime you call me sir, you know I don't like it"
the droid nodded and walked off deeper into the ship "oh, Adam. the supplies have been loaded" he yelled back.
"Good" Adam said as he walked down a corridor to check the crew quarters. He walked the corridors for several minutes, checking each cabin as he went, until he got to the bridge, where X-1 was sat at the controls doing final checks, he sat in the second chair. "lets cast off!"
"roger" X-1 said as he hit the docking clamp release, fired the thrusters, moving them away from the space station, they then rotated for their exit path, the planet below shined in the sun as it appeared at the top of the window. X-1 finally locked in their flight path and throttled up the engines, the ship silently glided off in to the void of space.
Adam walked back to the cabins and started to sort through his belongings placing each on a shelf, he lifted his armour out of box and hung the parts in his wardrobe carefully placing each layer on a different hanger and putting the helmet on a shelf near the door. he lifted a device from one of the boxes and looked at it for a long time before activating a hologram of his old friends, he placed this delicately on a shelf near his window before going to the last box and getting some plants out and put them on his desk and windowsill. The last thing on the floor was a crate with holes in it, "right time for you to come out" he opened the crate and a set of red eyes peered out at him until a small dragon like creature padded out of the crate and curled up on a chair. the creature settled down licking its forepaws, cleaning every scale. *Now, what are we going to do?* it said telepaticly. "well... we go exploring rex"
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