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a poem about eyes

Gosh, they're absolutely stunning, piercing, sparkling, radiant, Green and yellow eyes
That far away and dreamy gaze that emits from them at those... intimate times
To describe, to illuminate, to paint the picture of this expression,
Or is it a lack of an expression? No its no lack there is clearly an expression there

It's just such a subtle communication,
For there is no conscious decision or desire
To communicate anything but desire, it's a satiated expression, one of great
Contentment... yes, that's a word I'm groping for... contentment
Hmmm.. the way her lips part, slightly bowed
The flushed look about her

And that glow... that glow which radiates out from her
Gently sparkling in her eyes, those magical green and yellow eyes
A smoldering fire of warm, with a roaring inferno of passion

But now, resting quietly there in bed,
The inferno of passion subsiding
Giving way to a tranquil glow
Of contentment,

The inferno of passion, pacified
Its warm glow comes upon her
And it's sparkling in her eyes

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