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This is a super short I wrote from a writing prompt.
Deputy Smith was not the kind of person to react to anything. But when he saw the photos, his jaw dropped. He looked at the developer and then back at the photo, shrugging his shoulders in a very very very exaggerated way.

"Wa's wrong Smitt? Don't recognize your boss?"

"I ne're liked photographs anyway, they always look faked"

"Smitty, there aint much you can fake when takin a picture takes 25minutes"

"Well, that's it, who would be takin the picture by the bank at just the right time to get 'im?"

"I took the picture Smitt, like I told ya. Yesterday. He was out there for an hour"

"Well they aint enough evidence for me, I gotta go ponder".

Deputy Smith left the studio with that relaxed state of mind which results from the aftermath of stress. He decided to walk up the rocky hill and contemplate his thoughts. "Nothin seems to make my mind more clear." he thought, before taking the last few strides and plopping himself on the large rock which had found a new identity as a chair. He rolled a cigarette with the precision of a craftsman, and then swiftly rolled another after it fell apart. His unparalleled talent for deep thinking and focus was underway as he began to try and understand how the sheriff could have possibly committed the crimes. He suddenly had his attention overtaken by a crawling caterpillar across the sandy ground. Several minutes later, he gathered his thoughts once more and continued.

"Well, what did me and the sheriff do yesterday? Well, we wen' down to the saloon so he could make sure that e'ryone wa'nt bein too rowdy. Sheriff always drinks as much as the heftiest guy at the place so he 'knows that the people aren't getting too drunk. Sheriff ne'er scolded anyone for bein too sluggish, must be a lot of responsible drinkers in this town I always thought. After that we went out to visit the three girls that live with some older lady, I think their mother maybe. Fine young ladies. They always call him about alleged breakin n enterins, I don't think he really beleives it much though, but he does take quite a time checkin their rooms with them, Sheriff always loved flattering the public. Must be one of the reasons I admire him. Now let's see.....We left those women's house and then did our daily patrollin' round the blocks. Then Sheriff told me he heard somethin', that he heard sum' suspicious in the bank building. I think I said 'Aint it locked Sheriff?' and he said somethin like 'Yeah, but I got told a secret way to gettin in by the manager when he opened it, perks of bein the sheriff'. I can't wait ta one day get perks like that. On orders from the man himself I stood lookout 'case any other criminals came around while sheriff was away. Spent most of the day like that, nothin fancy but I gotta be the watchman while Ol' Sheriff is puttin his self on the line'.

The night was beginning to sneak up onto the mountain. Smith got up and stretched, satisfied once again with his critical meditation and conclusion.

"i was watchin Sheriff's back the whole yesterday, no way in hell he had time to do any of that. I knew those' dang photographs were fakery".
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