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A creative writing piece that I wrote for my ELA class. (Btw, "Lincuel" means shroud)
May fifth, the day my old life came to a close; the day my new life would begin. Hi, my name is Jessica Patton, I’m thirteen, and I live in the futuristic society of Linceul. You’re probably very confused right now, and, well, that’s pretty normal. You see, a long time ago, the world was ravaged by fierce creatures and deadly diseases, almost obliterating the entirety of the human race. Then, a few brave people rose up from the ashes and ruins and created a “shroud of protection”: Linceul.

Now, you’re probably wondering why I mentioned May fifth in the beginning, and if I gave you a lasting moment of suspense and wonder, I’m sorry. May fifth was the day that the town barrier was infiltrated by a disease that’s known as The Plague. It all started when our miniscule team of scientists went on their regular exploration of what was once known as Earth. Usually, they would have just keyed in the intricate password to leave, a winding pathway would be made to help them adjust to the toxic air and the deadly amount of carbon-dioxide, they would put their thick protective suits on and would be on their way. This time, though, one of the inept interns messed up the process and for the very brief second that Linceul was unprotected, The Plague snuck in.

Why is The Plague so bad, you may ask? Well, the first sign that you’ve contracted this particular affliction is that you start hyperventilating. After that, your blood temperature drops to a dangerously low level and your skin becomes a pale, sickly white. By then, you’re unable to walk or even stand because your entire muscle mass has rapidly deteriorated and you have no choice but to accept your fate and die. Scary, right? Try having to go to school and see your classmates, one by one, develop the disease.

Okay, even though I live in an advanced society in the 5000s, technology hasn’t advanced very much. Everyone still has to go to school and work; the morbid truth that you’ll never be safe carved into your thoughts. I was especially reminded of that when Sarah, my best friend since kindergarten, was the first to contract the disease. If you get queasy easily, you may want to tune out what I’m about to tell you.

It was just a normal day, and Sarah and I were in science class, studying about molecules and a bunch of other boring stuff. Anyway, I heard her start breathing heavier than she usually does during the teacher’s lecture.

“Are you okay?” I whispered with a perceptible tinge of fear on my face.

“Yeah…I’m fine.” She said as she starts hyperventilating.

“What’s going on?” our frazzled teacher asked worriedly as Sarah’s tan gradually disappeared.

“Call the nurse!” was all I could say, but it was too late, The Plague had already begun its ferocious, authoritative dictatorship over our society.

The End?

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