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Oh my gosh, this is a child's poem I wrote a long time ago! Hope you like it!
George's Christmas

A Christmas Tale that might draw your eyes,
It's only truth, not at all lies:
When a boy named George woke up from his sleep,
He saw nothing under the tree and began to weep.
When he went upstairs to find his dad,
The look on Dad's face was all but bad.
"Merry Christmas!" he said to George. "Why so down?"
"It's Santa!" cried George. "He's clowning around."
"What do you mean?" says Dad. "You were good this year,"
"Santa is missing!" George interrupted with fear.
"You've got to be kidding, there's presents under that tree..."
"Follow me!" George said without Christmas glee.

When the two came downstairs, they had quite a fright,
It's true; Santa's missing, which means no Christmas delight.
"You were right." Dad cries. "What shall we do?"
"Let's go find Santa! I'm about ready to sue!"
Before his dad could tell him to stop,
George ran outside, and looked for the cops.
"Santa's gone missing!" He yelled when he found one.
"Go away, little boy. My shift is done."

When George walked away from the melancholy man,
He saw something on his roof, and then he ran.
"Daddy, Daddy! Look on the roof!"
"There's nothing up there, stop being a goof!"
George was puzzled. What did he mean?
He then wondered if his eyes were not keen.
So he went back outside, he saw the same thing,
8 big reindeer, standing in a ring.

So George got a ladder out of his shed,
And began to climb up, hoping Santa wasn't dead.

When George got to the top of his house,
He heard something as faint as the squeak of a mouse.
George walked to his chimney, fear in his eyes,
Santa was stuck in his chimney, that jolly old guy!
"Are you who I think you are?" George asked happily.
"Yes, I am Santa Claus, Yes-Sir-Ee!"
George then had a grin on his face,
And slid down the ladder like it was a race.
"Daddy, come quick! Santa's up there, I swear!"
"Don't think about lying," his dad said. "Don't even dare!"
But when George's dad, came out to see,
His dreariness left, his heart set free.
"You were right. I'm so sorry, son."
"It's okay," George said. "Now, let's get this job done!"
So when George showed dad what he saw,
He looked so dumbfounded, George thought he would fall.
"Let's help the poor man!" George's dad said with glee.
"All right!" said George. "Let's set him free!"

When the problem was solved and everyone was fine,
Santa stayed for some milk and cookies for a short time.
"Well, I've got to go; I've a job to do,"
And he got in his sleigh, and off he flew.

The End

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