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The Doctor takes Twilight Sparkle an Pinkie Pie to New Canterlot.
Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, and the Doctor existed the tardis that landed in a large city. Skyscraper that reach up into the clouds and cover in dozen of neon light were common in the city. In the center of the city there was a huge futuristic castle. The street were devoid of litter and pony's. "Welcome to New Canterlot, the party capital of the universe," said the Doctor.

"New Canterlot! what happen to the old one" asked Twilight? "Million of years before the sun went super nova the pony, griffon, dragon, diamond dog, changeling, and minotaur left your world to explore the universe. They took all of the plant and wild life with them," explained the Doctor. "Where is everypony," asked Pinkie Pie as she ate an apple. "That strange the street should be fill of pony's let's investigate," replied the Doctor.

Pinkie Pie then tossed the apple core that missed the garbage can. Then a robotic pegasus landed in fort of Pinkie Pie. "All free will pony's will be converted into cybernetic pony's, said the robotic pegasus. "Come on lets run," said the Doctor. "Attempting to resisted conversion will be Exterminate," said the robotic pegasus as rockets came out of its back.

Then form out of nowhere a laser blast was shot at the robotic pegasus destroying it. Then a dark blue male pegasus with a red mane flew down to the ground. His cutie marks was an explosion. "My name is Flash Bang, you should not be here. Come with me to the underground base," said Flash Bang. "What happen here," asked the Doctor. "You really don't know, you must not be from around here. I tell you once we're in the underground base where its safe," said Flash Bang.

Flash Bang the Doctor, Pinkie Pie, and Twilight Sparkle to the underground base. At the entrance of the base a red male unicorn whose cutie marks is a shield with a flaming sword in it. "Sargent Flash Bang I see you brought guess are you sure they are not Cybernetic Pony Spy's," said the red unicorn. "General Fire Storm I found these three in New Canterlot about to be Exterminate. They have no knowledge of the Cyberpony War, but some how they managed to they way deep into New Canterlot before being detected," replied Flash Bang.

"What are your names," asked Fire Storm. "I am the Doctor, just the Doctor not Doctor Who. These are my companion Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle. Now can you explain the Cyberpony War and what happen to New Canterlot," replied the Doctor. "Two years ago New Equestria and their target was New Canterlot," said Flash Bang.

"These Cyberpony wouldn't be a race of robotic pony, who convert other pony into Cyberpony thought a process call Cyber conversion," the Doctor interrupted. "Yes, “replied Flash Bang. "I have Face a similar race call the cyberman, please continue," said the Doctor.

"We mange to hold them off for a year before our leading scientists made a break through that would give us victory. They gave us the process call Cybernetic conversion. Pony would have machine attached to their leg boasting strength, speed, and stamina. They would also have visors that enhance their visions and gave them night visions. Unicorns had special helmet to enhance their magic. Pegasus had jet pack boasting their flying ability. The best part the process was not permanent," explain Flash Bang. "What went wrong, asked Twilight?

"There was a malfunction and the Cybernetic Pony's turn on us. They had lost all emotion and they started converting every pony they could. They converted Princess Celestia great, great, granddaughter Terra first. They modify the destroyed Cyberpony into robotic ponies. We managed to escape with a forth of the population," explained Flash Bang. "You said the process was not permanent, so how do we turn them back to regular pony's," asked the Doctor?

"You would have destroyed the Cybernetic controller which is on the Cybernetic leader Princess Terra. Princess Terra is in the New Canterlot castle that is protected by a force field. She is being guarded by dozens of Cybernetic Pony's and robotic pony's," answered Flash Bang. "My ship the tardis can get pass the force field and if you can hold off the Cybernetic Pony's, I can undo the Cybernetic conversion," said the Doctor. "Flash Bang you forgot mentions the Cybernetic Data Drive. The Cybernetic Data Drive has a wireless link to every Cybernetic Pony's. Without it the Cybernetic Pony's would just convert Princess Terra again," said Fire Storm.

"Where can we find the Cybernetic Data Drive," asked Twilight? "Unfortunate it was lost and its location is still unknown," replied Flash Bang. "Tell when and were its last known location so I can retrieve it," said the Doctor. "Its last location was in the royal storage just before converting Princess Terra," answered Flash Bang. "May I ask how are you planning to get it," asked Fire Storm?

"I can use the tardis to travel back in time and make the Cybernetic Data Drive," replied the Doctor. "Time travel are you a mad pony," yelled Fire Storm. "I been called that before, but I'm not wrong about the tardis traveling back in time," replied the Doctor.

“I coming along to,” said Flash Bang. “I sorry, but I can’t allows you to come along. Their chance that you’ll me you past self and that never a good thing,” replied the Doctor. “I am the only pony who here that knows the location of the royal safe and its combination,” replied Flash Bang. Then the four ponies enter the tardis and they travel back to the day New Canterlot fell.

As they existed the tardis there was an explosion that created a smoke screen and Pinkie Pie got separated from the group. Two Cybernetic Pony’s mange captures her and several other ponies. Then the past Flash Bang ram of the first Cybernetic Pony into the wall. Next the other Cybernetic Pony used it magic to life him up a put him into the conversion line. The present Flash Bang then found Pinkie Pie and he tossed an electric grenade that knock out the two Cybernetic Pony. “Pinkie Pie come we need to get the Cybernetic Data Drive,” said the present Flash Bang. The past Flash Bang then leads the group of ponies to the underground base.

Meanwhile a Cybernetic pegasus and a Cybernetic unicorn attack the Doctor and Twilight Sparkle. Then Twilight tries to teleport the Doctor and herself, but the Cybernetic unicorn its magic to stop her from teleporting. Next Cybernetic pegasus grabbed a storm cloud and it set a lightning bolt at her. Twilight then used her magic to created a force field blocking the lightning bolt. “Twilight covers your ears,” shouted the Doctor as he was holding a speaker and sonic screwdriver. He then use the sonic screwdriver amplified the volume of the speaker greatly that the sound knock both of the Cybernetic Ponies.

As Pinkie Pie and Flash Bang whet back to the Doctor they hear a loud female scream and Flash Bang head drop. He Lead them to safe and he unlocked it. The Doctor took the Cybernetic Data Drive. They then use the tardis to travel into the royal chamber in the present.

As they existed the tardis Princess Terra used her magic to pin down the Doctor, Twilight Sparkle, and Pinkie Pie. Flash Bang then used his energy blaster to shot and destroy Cybernetic controller. The Doctor then enters the deconversation code into Cybernetic Data Drive.

“Flash Bang where are you going,” asked Princess Terra? “I have fail my duty as your body guard and because of that I am resigning. I am go with the Doctor and his friends to Ponyville, Goodbye Princess Terra,” replied Flash Bang. “Flash Bang you did not fail your job. I good luck in finding peace in Ponyville, Goodbye Flash Bang,” replied Princess Terra.
Then the four ponies used the tardis to travel back to Ponyville.
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