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Bumping into old friends at the right time.
Not too long ago the company I worked for decided to sell the retail location which I managed. The property was valued high and they could turn a fine profit
and invest in other locations. I had been the manager at this location for over twenty years and business was very good. All the numbers were outstanding
and other managers wanted what I had. I had finally put together a good working staff, which allowed me time off and less stress. We were open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The company never closed for the holidays, but did offer extra pay for anyone who worked them. I was on call twenty-four
hours a day, missed family time, and lost a husband who didn't understand the demands or my dedication to my job. I thought I had to be the best and my
store had to be the best, but gave up much more while trying to achieve these goals. Only after I left this job and had time on my hands, did I see the real
picture of what my life had been about. I was just a number who would not be missed by the company, but by many others. Being in the same location
for so long allowed me to make friends that I would come to miss very much. My employees were trained to treat the customers like company in their homes
and so, our customers became friends as the years went by. It was a sad day when the store closed and we had to say good-by to them.

Today while shopping, I ran into two of my most dedicated people who shopped with me. I knew this husband and wife by name and each time they shopped with
me, I made time to talk with them while checking them out, as well as other customers. Sometimes it was like a church meeting, everyone talking, smiling,
and laughing or talking politics. The customers were taken care of even though we talked while doing so.
The reason today stood out for me was because of these two people who made my job a little bit better, by shopping with me.
I've been going through some tough personal problems, keeping them to myself, but today I felt happy and uplifted. It's been two years since I stopped working and retired. The better times and being stress free have not appeared, yet. My husband has several personality disorders and so, we stay to ourselves, and I have lost friends and the communication I loved so much.

Shopping today in my usual sad state of mind, was changed the moment I saw Bob and Barbara. They are the perfect couple who seem to enjoy each others' company and their retirement. My state of mind was immediately lifted and I felt joy and happiness I had not felt in the last two years. We made small talk and laughed and enjoyed our chat and then it was time to move on. I thought to myself how wonderful it would be to see Barbara as a really close friend and share the problems of the world. I made it a rule when I was at work, to never show personal problems to my customers or my employees, and so, I never had anyone to talk to but myself. Continuing a friendship or taking it to the next level with them is out of the question, as it would never work with my husband.
He resents my occasional phone calls from two of my past lady employees, and so, the isolation remains if my life.

WDC has saved my sanity, given me a place to express my inner thoughts, while making friends along the way.
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