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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Drama · #1965833
Working as a Cashier I get my revenge on a crook.
                                Customer is not Always Right
                                        By: J Stanley

         Working in retail is not always the best job, but when you’re in college it puts the green in your pockets.  I was a cashier at a small gas station in the Suburbs of Chicago.  Saturday nights were my living hell.  This was back when there were no internet, iPhones and other little toys to help keep you busy.  No, it was 8 hours of pure boredom that would make any person go stir crazy. 
         I got scammed by a guy when I was having one of those nights.  Not really paying attention.  Bought a small item and paid with a fifty, snuck a twenty of the change up his sleeve and said I shorted him.  Like an idiot I believed him and gave him a twenty.  Right after he left I figured it out and was smacking myself for being so stupid.  It only takes one time and after that I learned my lesson. 
         Six months later back late on another Saturday night, a car pulled up by the door.  I saw him getting out of the passenger seat. I bet he is going to try to scam me again, so I’ll play along to a point.  He and his girlfriend pulled open the door and walked in.  Grabbed a pack of juicy fruit gum, placed it on the counter with a fifty dollar bill.  My face was like a statue, but inside I had fireworks going off ready for what was coming next. 
         He took his change turned for the door, then turned back stating, “You shorted me twenty dollars!” 
         I opened the register and put my hand in then pulled back and slammed it shut.  I looked him right in the eye and said sternly, “I gave the right amount of change; in fact I believe I gave you twenty too much.”
         “No I am surely short twenty dollars see.”  He protested showing me his change. 
         I grabbed his arm pulled out the twenty and said, “What do we have here?  There must be a mistake then and this must be mine!”
         He screamed in protest, “Hey what are you doing!”
         “This is not the first time you pulled this crap with me.  Last time you got away with it, this time your not.  Since I found this one up your sleeve, I’m going to keep it for the one you stole a few months back.”  I stated with a big smile on my face. 
         “You can’t do that, its my money!”  He cried.
         “Yes I can, and watch me.  If you don’t like it you can leave.  But I have your plate number and my next move is to call the cops.  So, your move big guy?”  I stated still smiling. 
         His girlfriend was already in the car.  She took off fast as soon as I caught him.  He turned around and walked out.  I stood at the door waving him goodbye and smiling.  Revenge can be sweet sometimes. 
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