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This is a short story, but it is only the draft. It still needs much editing
{{center}center}I Love You Forever{/center}{/center}

"Baby, go one full day without talking to me," She pleaded.

He laughed, "It'll be hard, but if that's what you want, that's what I'll do."

He left her that night with I love you and a kiss. The next day would be long and unbearable. He was suddenly awoken around 5 a.m. when the picture frame she got him last year, fell off his dresser, breaking the frame and shredding the picture. The picture was of him and his girl dancing in the moonlight the summer they fell in love. It was taken over four years ago. He was devastated. That picture meant more to him than anything. Every time they had a fight or something happened. He'd glance back at that picture. He would remember the way he felt as they danced, her long hair flowing around as they twirled. Nothing could shine brighter than she did, not even the stars. That's when he looked into her eyes, and saw that pretty smile. He knew right then and there that she was the one for him. He wanted nothing more than to talk to her. Every day since that night he's talked to her. He thought he'd have withdraws without hearing that beautiful voice, and seeing that pretty smile. He couldn't sleep, missing her to much, he assumed. So, he sat down looking at the photos, they'd taken over the years. He thought of all the great memories they had, their second Christmas when they went skating for the first time, or the night that she tricked him into going to the animal shelter to take care of the animals. He smiled. She never done anything for herself, even on their date nights, she was thinking of ways to help other people.

He then started thinking about the great future they would have. They'd build a nice size home a few roads down from here, by the apple trees she'd always loved to sit under. They'd have a huge yard for the kids to play in someday. "She had always wanted kids, three to be exact," He thought to himself. She wanted to boys and a girl. She already had their names picked out, Zane, Hunter, and Brooklyn. He would give her the fairy-tale life she's always wanted. Their home would be filled with animals of every shape and size. "She always loved animals. She begged me to buy her a puppy last year," He laughed to himself, "She loves animals." She made sure he knew that their home would need to appear loving and welcoming so anyone in need could come in. "She is such a caring girl. I'm blessed to have her," He whispered, as he than began to say a thank you prayer to the big man upstairs for gracing him with this angel.

Her dream was to have a home like the one she'd always hoped for, and his dream was to make her's come true. He vowed he would do this and then more for her. Suddenly, the wildest idea hit him. He called the florist with urgency in his voice, "Send her the most extravagant bouquet of flowers you have and attach a ring pop to one of the stems. Have the note say: Marry me, beautiful? See you bright and early tomorrow!" He grinned, knowing he made the best choice of his life. He started imagining her face reading the card. This would keep him distracted from this long, drawn out day. He would show up tomorrow on her doorstep with a real ring, one she would keep forever. He shopped for the rest of the day until he found the perfect ring for the perfect girl.

He knocked on her door the next day, best suit on, more flowers in hand, and the ring hidden deep in his pocket. It took a while for someone to reach the door. When it opened, it wasn't at all who he expected. It wasn't his bright-eyed, loving girlfriend, it was a worn-out, grief-stricken doctor. He rushed in the house, running, practically flying to her room. There she lay looking like a ghost of her former self. The cancer had taken over. There was no hope. He stopped and fell silently to his knees, not wanting to wake her. He prayed softly, "Take me instead, the world needs her. She will do good things. This angel is needed here on earth, dear Lord, if you hear me please let her stay. You can have me. Give her my life." Then he sobbed on her bedside.

He somehow got up off his knees, and engulfed her in an embrace so loving and strong you could feel the love through the whole house. Then she whispered in his ear, "You did it, now please be strong and do it every day. Remember I will always be with you. I love you, forever. You'll make a wonderful husband someday." She passed away in his arms. Then in an instance he gave her one last kiss, and his prayers came true. She awoke several hours later questioning where her love was, why was he not here. When she figured out what happened, she slowly cried herself back to sleep. He appeared to her in a dream that night. "I'll love you forever. You were an angel on Earth and they still needed you down there, don't worry about me things are nice here. I'll keep an eye out on you. Oh, and that cancer, it's all taken care of, beautiful. Me and the big man up here talked it over. If you every need me, I'm a prayer away." Then he left her with I love you and a kiss.

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