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A fight with a twist!
(Acknowledgement: This is a combined effort of my friend Tammy and me after a fight. Sort of a lyrical tirade with minor alteration here and there to suit the rhythm. Thank you so much buddy,fighting was never so much fun!)

So many things I want to say,
Through wintry night and sunny day.
So many words that find their way,
Sailing in ripples by the bay.
Holy like bible, words I pray-
Are stuck like needles in the hay.
In the sun baking in April or May-
Maybe they will reach or lose their way.

Somethings that I want to hear
somethings that I don’t...
Sometimes I want to live
Sometimes I don’t....
Life has lost its meaning a long time back...
Words are nothing but sounds.... meaningless
NO false promises, no false hope....
Love is something that's not for me anymore...
Let it be, let me go....
Because love now suffocates my soul....
All I need is a little space, a little place to be myself....
No expectations, no hopes....
Just me and peace all around..

If love suffocates you that much...
I shall love you naught
If tears drown you
I shall be drought
But how can I pretend to be through?
Often have I walked by our past for a clue
Haven’t I my feelings slew?
One many times and more too.

Give me space to breathe,
Give me space to move
Let love be in your heart
No one asks to remove
Why cant u be my friend
I find solace in you
Why is love the last thing
You know I can’t give that too
I need my solitude
As much as you need words...
Can’t give u the intensity
Of feelings that you reel
Can’t be the person
Only friendship I feel.

I have stopped imposing
The lesser I share more the crossing
After being at my spirit with you
Suddenly you want me to brew
An instant change in my behavior
A sudden restriction in my demeanor
And i am trying , trying so hard
To contain my instincts like glass shard
And yet you ask me to 'let you go'
Come on! even friendship isn't combative so!

It still doesn't answer
What u want from me...
That's the issue I can see
I am private person, that will not change...
My mood swings an enormous range...
Come out clear on what u want...
Lets take this out... so that there are no more taunts...
Help me so that I can understand too...
Feelings are something that I am bad at too...

Be yourself and let me be me
And instead of biting me away from thee
Approach in a kindly spree
Instead of saying "i want to be alone"
And portraying me as a leech worn
Don't answer me through even if you are sworn
I will understand when my third
Messages or calls go unheard
And stop chirping like a bird
I know that u want nothing from me
You know that i want nothing from you
I think this should sort
What frustrations couldn't and neither rue.
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