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Interruptions is my own favorite poem, regarding friendship and its breaking
Today I start to play with writings
I’m such a hopeless romantic
Tones interlace with breaths
Consecutive relation exhales

Friends say that they’re allies
Or maybe they’re just mirrors
Of a wandering person’s illusions
In naivety excessively overdosed

People break the link with words
Blown in a somehow spiritual timelessness
Of past desires and emotions
Which combust the present

They say friendship is sacral
Alas, sometimes false lashes cover
They flutter with the spoken truth
So painful for the other that he flees

The interruption is good privacy
It's served with undesirable thoughts
Because of the escape to old memories
And people, shadowy but still existing

Sometimes we recognize in others
Though they don’t wish to look so pitiful
The Entries into private spaces
Do not result in anything but sorrow and dementia

The interruptions cause weaknesses
Mental functions, not a true idyll
Exhilarating front meet with discrepancies
And rags of deceptive interactions
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