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The prologue to a fictional series. Alpha version
Yume:Kiri - The connection of worlds
All worlds are connected

Prologue: The story begins with awareness springing forth from the darkness of non-existence. Emerald eyes open for the first time to gaze in awe and conscious acknowledgement of a new place. All things I interact with here invoke my curiosity and lead me to new experiences; I am unbound in this place... Free to imagine anything and free to become anything I imagine. Who am I...What am I...?

         I am highborn to royalty in this world; we are the protectors of balance above and below here. For we are taught growing up that our people had seen the beginning of the world.  In the beginning, this was a place of great darkness and never ending chaos. Only when our people realized that we were all connected to each other and that the realms both above and below were a reflection of what was within our own selves were we able to emerge from this dark time.
         This was the dawn of my people's awakening. Working together as a people we were able to create wondrous cities and a vast empire of love and acceptance fell upon the world. Eventually we even began to develop new abilities as a species, one of which allowed us to bypass laws of physics we had formerly accepted as laws. We envisioned wings of starlight for ourselves within our third eye, from which we have physically manifested into reality. With them, we have been able to ride through the cosmos like light-waves ourselves.
         We expanded from our planet to both of our local moons, Here in this world everyone is an artist. All children are given equal opportunities to unlock their potential and realize themselves, all of us live to protect evolving life everywhere.
         Today, the empire is seeking refuge even further amongst the stars. Our hopes are to find other worlds out there, and to inspire them to reach their potential as they continue to grow and evolve. Some of us theorize that somewhere in this cosmic ocean, there are others adrift just like us. It's a longing for adventure my people have always had.

         I stand in the shadow of my people's King.. A prince born through sacred sex rituals said to bring only the highest dimensional souls unto these mortal vessels to assist us in our cosmic quest to understand this reality. While my father may be the leader, the people of this world are strong and usually lead themselves via intuition and wisdom. Our people seldom find themselves in moral questioning and are extremely empathetic to all living things.
         My father says my birth is like the birth of a star in the heavens, I will shine relentlessly to guide our people when they are lost. He has named this time period since my birth, the age of the light bearer symbolized by a 5 pointed star with an ancient looking eye inside of it. This represents the unity of the 5 elements, earth, wind, water, fire, and love; guided by a vision given to us through our third eye.
         We do not age like our ancestors once did; we have gained the ability to alter the cycle of our bodies cellular structure and DNA patterns through conscious intention and willpower to manifest change. We have learned of a place outside this awareness, a place where experiences are saved and can be revisited beyond the linear boundaries of time and space our ancestors once knew. We can relive all possibilities for how things could have happened in attempt to gain new wisdom or perspective.
         No matter how exponential our progression has been, we have not detected any signs or this growth slowing down. Since our awakening we have only grown more and more, faster and faster until our concept of time evolved into something so different from where we started that we have become something new entirely as a result.
         Now we seek to expand once more, to discover something new externally and internally. I had no idea that this would eventually lead us into waters far deeper then we could have imagined. The darkness we would soon face would make the times of war and pestilence of my peoples shadowy past seem like a child's game in comparison.
         With our greatest minds working together we discovered that our world was connected to a countless amount of possible realities. Not only did we prove their existence but we found a way to weave a gateway between them. It was our inquisitive nature which led us to open doors that we would never be able to close.
         The gateway we created was not only opening this world to another world, but to all other worlds and possibilities that had previously existed in their own planes of existence. The very moment our realities entwined everything as we had come to know it began to change drastically.
         It was at that moment the worlds became connected, I could feel a divergence in the fabric of my soul. The possibilities were so overwhelming it was as if being cast into a dark abyss of churning sea, completely surrounded and engulfed by the moving waters enveloping me.
         This was the turning point where we left the comfort of our timeless age of light. The sea of chaos and mystery around us roared as we stepped foot upon the shores of destiny. We opened a door that could not be closed.
         It was as if, everything before this moment had been a dream. This is the first time things have begun to feel so real for me.

         "Prince Aesteria!" A charming feminine voice rang melodically behind me. The girl speaking was someone very special to me, a person whom I had great affinity for. My childhood friend, whom I've always felt all the love in the world for was speaking to me.

         "What's up?" I responded casually as I ran my fingers through my long silk-like feathered golden hair. I always play with my hair when she's around. She had a distressed look in her eye which I could feel from her aura just being near here... something was troubling her!

         "My prince! You must hear this news at once. A letter from your father was found in the courtyard this morning, it's written to the Empire and it reads that King Zeus will be leaving the empire with his personal convoy of explorers in attempt to discover some of the new worlds. We believe your father has already left on this quest." She had explained to me with great worry.

         "I see. Thank-you Kairi. I will see to it that there is a discussion amongst the council so that we may decide what would be best for our people." I replied to her with comfort and confidence in my voice which seemed to soothe her worry somewhat.

         "Mhm..." She smiled and nodded at me, as she was turning to take her leave she stopped back suddenly and said something else to me. " If you want to hang out with me sometime and talk about things, I would like to know what's on your mind." I could see affection in her eyes whilst she spoke, and then what seemed could possibly be a glimpse of pain as she turned away.

         "Times are troubling, but I would like to speak with you about things soon." I responded as I smiled at her. As she began to take leave of my personal chambers her long golden hair danced in the gentle breeze which made its way through the palace walls. Her eyes really do shine with the brightness of all the stars in the sky, her smile was warmer than the sunniest day on the beach. Her silhouette vanished into the shadows of fading sunset, here within the sanctuary of the palace's stone walls.
         Often times we find ourselves apart, Kairi and I. When we were younger I had fallen madly in love with her, but it never became anything exceptional because we only knew how to hurt each other when we were children. While we have a friendship that can outlast all worldly things, and perhaps a desire to be together on some levels that just feels unfulfilled... We have both learned what it is like to travel life's hardships alone. I trust her and love her with all my heart even though it hurts me to see her with someone else, I am happy to see that she can be happy. I have my own obligations as Heir to the great cosmic empire of my people.
         I spend a lot of time alone in thought here in my chambers. With the recent circumstances I really don't know what to expect anymore, there are many responsibilities that come with being the son of the Empire's King and for the sake of my people's future I cannot let myself be controlled by my desire to be with Kairi. I have a lot of fond memories of the days where she would hold me in her arms and call me her princess, while she would be my Knight. This had appealed to me greatly as she was the first to acknowledge the female half of my soul that even I had just begun to understand. I really felt like I could be myself around her, and she would only love me more the more she discovered about me.
         I remember laying next to her in a forest, gazing at the stars and pondering the possibilities of exploring all those other worlds together. It still feels like when I hold this memory close I can feel the warmth of her embrace as we laughed beneath the stars on that magical summer night so long ago.
         I don't know how many days have passed since that time. It feels like so long ago... Yet it's as vivid as if it was unfolding right now at this very moment.
         I remain strong for my people; I cannot share this secret of desire with anyone... I cannot show any signs of weakness!

         "Prince Aesteria." A familiar man's voice calmly shattered the silence of my thoughts, seeking my attention.

         "Ah, Sir Mikaeus. It's good to see you here." I replied to one the Palace's top Knights. A very kind hearted man with an overly strong sense of manliness and devotion to the people he serves. Sir Mikaeus was a man of honor, a worthy knight to bare the title of Knight Commander Mikaeus Starsworn. He was a very trusted friend to me over the years with deep concern for his people.

         "As you know, my prince. The world has not seen chaos in many ages past. Recent events led us to find out that all communications to the colonies on both moons have ceased completely. We cannot reach anyone there and there does not appear to be any signs of them trying to reach out to us..." Mikaeus seemed fearful and sad as his words echoed through the quiet palace walls.

         "Both Moons..." I spoke softly beneath my breath as I began to consider the severity of what Mikaeus was communicating to me. We had both moons in full communication with regular transportation for citizens whom would envision wings of light in their third eyes and bring them into reality. We would then create a safe passage between the planet and the moon for them to ride the light-waves to their destination safely using a series of technological constructs, great pyramids which amplified the planets magnetic field at specific points connected to similar sites we constructed upon the moons.

         Mikaeus began to speak again... "My prince, we have sent 2 rescue teams to repair the light wing transportation system and establish communications to either of the moons. No one from either team has returned nor made contact with anyone from the empire since embarking upon this quest." He reported on informatively.

         "I see... Sir Mikaeus, thanks for your concern. Send my personal thanks and promise to the families of those on the rescue teams. Tell them that in the absence of my father I shall personally lead the next rescue expedition with a hand selected team of our most elite. We will bring back everyone from those rescue groups and get the systems back up for communications with our celestial colonies. After you've made that announcement come back to my chambers as I am taking you with me on this expedition." I courageously assured him with the confidence and pride of a Lion that prowls its land as a true king.

         Sir Mikaeus looked relieved and surprised as he began to respond. "Prince Aesteria, you honor me greatly!" I could see him overwhelmed with emotion and suddenly he burst into hearty manly laughter. "I'll make the announcement, do what you must to prepare the others and we shall leave with great haste. Don't worry I'll grab the booze for the men!" He bowed with honor and left hurriedly to make his announcements... and to make sure he had time to stock up in all his favorite alcoholic beverages.
         Even though our species had evolved greatly in a short amount of time, some habits die hard. Intoxication is one of those habits, it's a part of our people's culture. Not only that but it's pretty accepted that any substance which exists is an expression of nature because it exists within nature. Psycho-active substances are not only allowed in our society but encouraged, as they can teach us things about ourselves and each other. We accept each others differences and understand that we each must experience a unique reality and make our own choices as individuals. If we make a mistake we try to learn and move forward. This is the way of our people.
         Some people may have been afraid, given the unknown possibilities that awaited me on the horizon. I could chose to do anything, and anything could happen. I am not known to life, or unknown to death... I will stand up to do what is right for all that I believe is good in the world. I will fight until my last breath for those too weak to wield a blade, and sing until my last note for those with ears to hear my song. This is the day that I become a beacon of hope for my people and illuminate this world with my existence so that even this imminent creeping darkness shall know the name Aesteria Immortalis!

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