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She wondered briefly if aliens celebrated Christmas.
Twinkling lights reflected in her eyes. From outside the space shuttle, thousands of stars greeted her a happy holiday from light years away.  She wondered briefly if aliens celebrated Christmas.
She pushed the intercom button and greeted Ground Control, but only static replied.

She thought that was fine. After all, people are supposed to be with their families on Christmas, not at some boring desk answering calls from a lonely cosmonaut. Besides, she wasn't lonely. She had the stars for company.
Lights dazzled on the earth’s surface, lighting the planet’s surface like the shiny, glittering ornaments she helped her mother decorate the plastic Christmas tree when she was a little girl. It made her feel a little fuzzy and warm inside, just thinking about her mother.
Across the long hallway was her copilot’s room. Her copilot was a very serious-looking man named Jenkins. She did not like Jenkins, and she could tell that Jenkins did not like her all too much either. She considered it a good day when she didn't have to talk to Jenkins. The thought was mutual and suited them both; they had agreed to take turns listening for Ground Control. What irritated her though, was that Jenkin’s was shirking off from his duty the past few shifts. He refused to come out of his room.
So much for being serious about his duty, she thought. Still, it was Christmas, and she wanted to wish even Jenkins a Merry Christmas. 

She lightly knocked on his door, but there was no answer. He must still be glum, she thought.
“Merry Christmas, Jenks!” she cried cheerfully. 
Below her, the planet started to glow. The lights were dancing faster now, turning the earth into a giant spinning red ornament.  She saw a large object, half the size of California, hovering in the middle of China.  Santa’s come to deliver presents to the good boys and girls, she thought.

China glowed.
“Jenks, if you need me, I’m going to go caroling,” she called out to the empty room. She went back to the cabin and put on her space suit. She flicked on the switch to ground control.
“Feliz Navidad, Ground Control. Have a Merry Christmas.”
She put on her helmet and removed the wire tethering her to shuttle. She started to cry, but she stopped herself. Ever since she was a child she firmly believed one should never cry on Christmas Day. One has to be merry, and bring joy to the world - all the worlds.
She caroled to the stars, as twinkling lights reflected on her face.

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