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An attempt to write an article, such as the ones written in magazines...
Evolution of Communication

From the of creation of life or evolution of it, there have been several developments made by our kind; from the discoveries of the basic natural elements like fire; to some more complex discoveries of our natural elements such as the existence of sub-atomic particles of the elements. We have developed from covering our skin, with the skin of other animals; to covering it with grown vegetation and synthetic fibres, made by mankind. The discoveries and inventions of the various matters, were then probed and studied after which, they were developed into complicated resources of the products that are necessities for us today. One of the most essential features of our existence, was the amelioration of communication; the emergence and creation of language and grammar. Communication through language is a fundamental skill for us, which was responsible for academic evolution, without this ability we would not hold the title of being ‘social animals’, and besides without that, we would be in the same class as our primates, which are the only other beings that possess opposable thumbs (other than the ‘African clawed frogs’ and ‘Burrowing toads’).

The developments in communication skills, gave the boost to push mankind to its ‘futuristic’ present.  This is an ability which allows a free exchange of thought which includes the sharing of ideas; sharing of ideas is the first step of innovation in any era. The practice of primarily communicating orally, later transitioned into writing, after the invention of print; communication was now possible in a mass scale; disseminating information and news to a grander audience. Entertainment in this social instrument, comprised of, literature, plays, stories, contributing to the social culture of the era. Occurrences and calamities around the world were being covered in 12 page printed papers, distributed to the masses called ‘Newspapers’. Countries of every continent, covered their struggles of civil wars, freedom fights, as well as their efforts to bring social reforms towards their respective societies in these pages. ‘Newspapers’ became the swords, and journalists resembled as knights for their countries; fighting against corrupted rulers, and outdated and unsound rituals, to try to bring about a social reform and, build a stable structure for society.

Other communication/social ‘instruments’ in a literal sense, which boosted development world over, are electronically or mechanically controlled devices and machines. Samuel Morse invented the Telegraph to send messages in codes to distant places wireless. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone to communicate orally to people far away, with the help of wires. Marconi invented the transistor which receive the voices and signals of both, telegraph and telephones. These inventions have been probed, studied and developed into devices which are able to connect to people situated in different continents, with a device shorter and slimmer than a human finger. These devices hold data of infinite knowledge on a network that can be accessed by everyone. Technology is the current medium which disseminates information, news and entertainment. Whether it be the creation of life or its evolution. Life kept creating and still does; because of life’s curiosity, and doubt.

“I believe in intuition and inspiration. Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution. It is, strictly speaking, a real factor in scientific research.” –Albert Einstein
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