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Sixty second radio spot for Adidas. Hip-hop.
I’m a superstar like Reptar
Hop on SEPTA when I go far
I got no car, I got no wheels
Strap my ‘didas up, got sex appeal
And the ladies squeal comin’ up the block
Need a fly dude, not a jock
They want the fresh kicks and the tight threads
to get my name stuck up in their heads
No sequins, no sweatpants
Got my clover, I’m a ladies man
And I’m playin’ them like an Xbox
Original Adidas, no Nike Shox
You can hate and jaw, but it’s all just talk
Got the new Adidas around my socks
They’re fresh out the bag, they’ve still got tags
When I step in the club, they turn riches to rags
They turn heads like woosh
As the hips get loose
So cool and sweet like gin & juice
Now get your own pair, so many to choose.
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