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Part 2 of the prologue to a fictional series. Alpha version
Yume:Kiri Prologue Part 2: Re-discover Communication

         So much has happened since my people's top scientist came together to open a gateway to this Universe for all worlds. My father, the King; has left the palace taking his most trusted men in search of the individual gates between worlds. If his timing couldn't have been any worse I just received word that both moon colonies had lost full communication with the rest of the empire.
         We aren't completely sure what's happening as both rescue teams sent to make repairs have vanished without a trace.  I only hope that my quest allows us to figure out what's going on before it's too late.

         "People of this great and eternal land; In lieu of recent circumstances I will be personally leading an expedition to repair the damaged communication devices and assure safe passage between the planet and the moons for all of our great Empire's citizens." I projected a series of holographic 3 dimensional images of myself all over the empire to deliver this message to my people. "I will also find and retrieve the previous 2 rescue groups and return them to their families. This is my vow to you all, my beloved people." I finished my announcement with this statement and signaled my assistant to turn off the hologram.

         "Well spoken, Prince Aesteria! The people shall find great comfort in your leadership." My assistant spoke as he input commands to his console to end the holographic projection.

         "I am glad you feel that way, Sky." I spoke while humbly bowing him in thanks for his services. "Sky, we have known each other for a long time, and there isn't another soul in our Empire who can use technology to its fullest potential the way you can."

         "Prince Aesteria; you honor me greatly with such words." Sky replied with great content in his voice.

         "Sky, I need you to accompany me on the quest to rediscover our lunar colonies. Your expertise is unmatched in all the land. Will you join with me?" I asked him outstretching my hand to him with a mysterious grin over my face.

         He reached his hand out and grabbed onto mine. "My Prince; I will follow you to the ends of the world if so you will it to be." His resolution was cheerful and confident. It felt like he was a good friend.

         "I expected no less from you Sky Aeternus. Please be prepared to leave at sunrise of the next morning." I explained to him as he turned to take his leave.
         I am almost ready to lead the expedition; we are set to embark at sunrise. It will take us days of travel time without use of Lightwing Transportation system, we face risk for environmental hazards and also the unknown variable of my people's recent scientific endeavors to fuse all worlds into a single Universe cause me to worry for what we may encounter may be far beyond our understanding.
         It has been hundreds of years since my people have had to equip armor and weapons, our greatest hope lies within the discipline of our spiritual and physical training. Even though physical combat hasn't been seen in years, we train our bodies, minds and spirit to prepare for all situations.
         Most life we may encounter should not pose a threat to us as we can envision possibilities in our mind's eye and bring them into existence through our spirits will. Despite the looming danger on the horizon I stand fearless, excitement lights up my emerald eyes when I think about the possibilities for adventure that await me.
         There was one more person whom I wished to take with me for this adventure; my childhood friend, Kairi.
         Kairi is a really amazing person, I find myself thinking about all the things I adore about her; A final sanctity in the chaos of my existence. Her flowing golden hair is softer than any feather; her beautiful star-lit eyes shine amethyst in the reflection of dawn's morning light. Her voice shatters the heavens and brings a light never ending to my world.
         Kairi has taken the responsibilities of relaying data from the Empire to our people directly. She is the leader of the public communications team and everyone loves her. We grew up laughing and playing games together, two friends with no other care in the world.
         Ah how I miss those simple times, before I was consumed by my birth obligations to serve our people as their leader. When we were kids, the world was ours. Now it's just a memory to me, a memory that will always make me smile.
         Just the thought of being near her again, was almost enough to drive a sane man to the brink of madness. My desire to be by her side causes me great pain when we are apart, and these days we are apart often. I have always been content just to be close to her, even if she yields no desires to be with me as a lover; just knowing I can be her friend is enough to keep me motivated.
         I left my personal chamber and began to walk around the palace; above me the ceiling was a fortified crystalline structure which protected those within its walls from all forms of evil and malicious intent. Through the crystal ceiling I could see the distant moons of our world; only once a month can we see both moons in the same sky. One of the moons was glowing with a dim violet color outlined by an aura of indigo. I always felt at peace when looking at it for some reason. The other was a darker, more prominent shade of red; of which I always started to feel excitement while looking upon.
         Our moons do not rotate around our world, they always stay in the same position and it is our perspective from below which causes them to appear different. When we first made it to the indigo moon we realized that it appeared to be a biological appendage to the planet itself. The geology of this moon was far different from the planet's surface and those who had arrived decided it was fit to support evolving life of its own and have since created an entire colony with vast cities that stretch further then the eye can see.
         The second moon was a bit harder for our people to reach. The first teams who attempted to use their lightwings to reach the red moon did not appear to have successful voyages. They have not been seen or heard of since their departure; our people revere them highly as the brave astronauts who lost themselves to curiosity to help our species progress as a whole. A truly noble and righteous sacrifice according to the history we are taught growing up. I always wondered if they were really gone forever...          
         It wasn't until the Indigo moon colony developed a way to imitate the Aether of space that we invented the lightwing safe passage transportation system, which cleared a path from a series of pyramid structures on the planet's surface to another similar structure. It was their observations that led to the great discovery of these pyramids already existing on the red moon. All we had to do was mirror the existing constructs and safe interstellar travel became an accepted and well known part of our culture.
         Looking through the ceiling at these celestial bodies that have pre-dated even my people here I can only wonder about the possibilities for what could really be going on right now. I wished upon this mysterious sight of two moons sharing a tapestry of stars beneath a vast celestial blanket that Kairi could be with me again soon.
         I arrived outside her quarters, still in deep thought I failed to notice that she was also outside looking up through the crystal ceiling.  She noticed me first and began to speak.

         "Prince Aesteria. I'm glad that you were able to make it, we haven't had an opportunity to speak like this in a long time." She was smiling at me while talking.

         "Kairi... I am sure you are aware that both moon colonies have lost all communications with the rest of the empire." I had wanted to say something like... I missed you but stopped myself because I did not wish to make this any more painful than it has to be.

         "Yes my prince; have you come to seek my aid on this quest to restore communication?" She asked me as if she could read my mind and was more than aware of what I had come to ask of her.

         "You're perceptive as ever Kairi." I responded while smiling at her.

         "Of course I will travel with you Prince Aesteria. You know you didn't need to come all the way out here just to ask that of me." Kairi spoke to me with assurance in her voice.

         "You are the empire's number one public relations expert. Whatever we find out there it will be up to you to help our people understand. In your absence you will need to appoint a temporary head of public relations committee." I explained to her with concern.

         "Already done!" Kairi proclaimed with a proud grin.

         "I should expect nothing less from you Kairi, be prepared to depart at sunrise!" I could feel the excitement in the air as I turned my back to her and began to make my way through the palace.

         "Aesteria! Sleep well tonight!" She called out to me. I smiled and thanked the universe for giving me a chance for adventure with her. Sunrise was the beginning of something I would have never imagined possible. The world was ours once again!          

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