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the nasty change in British politics - representing Nation & People to greed & corruption

The remit to be a political leader of the UK, is to act in the best interests of the nation and its people......This is the contractual expectation the voter has on the victory of his choosen party, whether Conservative, Labour, li-dem or co-illition.

This remit has been betrayed ever since Beeching (mid-1960's) destroyed the concept of beneficial high grade public transport provisions.

The leadership requirement was betrayed and converted into profit of US oil/petrol companes. Purely from the sum that 1 train with 500 passengers in the rush-hour = 500 or so less cars on the road.

In the public interest less traffic on roads is a good thing. For Oil company owners it equals a loss of profits...500 less petrol guzzling cars per train is a big hit to take and a ready market to be financially raped.

Low-cost state owned mass public transport is an investment and there fore worthy of government subsidy. OIn the principle it is an integral part of the tax system...Get people to work on time = more hours worked = more taxes to collect.

where as 500 extra cars = more profit for overseas oil corporations = 500 extra cars on the roads - causing or caught up in a traffic jam = less hours worked = less tax returns in decrease of gross salary.

Today another rape of public money (Not tax funds - but the workers wage-filled wallets)...destruction of welfare system led by UNUM and approved by Cameron, Osbourne and Ducan Smith = adject poverty for unemployed, disabled and sick people = fear of redundancy for british workers = The Buying of UNUM's "Unemployment proctection insurance policies" = extra cost for all wage-earning workers = money to this overseas corporation as profit, rough expectation billions if not trillions. Then repeatable levels of profit on each policy renewal. add a random factor as well

Your computerized medical file held by the NHS database, being sellable to private medical firms (Who the Tory trinity owe a debt of gratitude to for £750,000 worth of "party donations"). If the insurance sector are also allowed to buy access to the national database...think how big the premiums will be when they can measure by access to you medical histories - what level of "risk" you represent to their responsibilty to pay out on a claim later in life?

Something they have failed to Honour in the USA hence massive public litigation. A reputation confirmed by senior US political figures of "being Criminal and immoral in their avoidance of paying out to legitmate insurance claims"

I believe it also entails a ban from applying for any state or federal contracts, hence why they are over here happily advising their Department of Works and Pensions on the best way to destroy their own careers - under which the unemployed, sick and disabled people suffer.

Payoff for Tory Trinity - (Unknown as yet, not as blatant as actions being taken against the stability of the NHS service, yet there are many honest insurance companies in the world - the only motivation left for being in cahoots with a criminal one is blantantly obvious before the proof is even going to surface....)
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