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I had some dark inspiration when i was looking up forests. it's just a real quick draft
There was once a girl who felt as if she didn't belong. She would only feel comfort in the depths of the forests that surrounded her home. Her mom would beat her when she got back from school, And her dad was nowhere to be found.
The boys and girls at school would bully her, calling her a freak. I know, more than anyone, how that feels. She's desperate to find a way out, but nobody will help her. She runs to her only friend, of which she named, Tranus.
Tranus can't speak. and he always has such a sweet and homely smell. A smell that made her happy. She makes a bargain with Tranus. She ask's, take me away from here please, i don't want to feel pain anymore. You're the only friend i have in this world. I just want to be with you.
So Tranus agree's with the bargain that she made.. the bargain to release her of her suffering.
He tightened his grasp around her neck, the branches cutting into her throat. The branches released poison into her blood, and Alyssa died in the arms of Tranus, with a sweet smile on her face. And years to come, she became one with the tree.

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