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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Erotica · #1968032
A the first in a series of lesbian lust set between the events of Mass Effect 2.
Mass Effect I - Jack and Miranda

The hum of the Normandy's engines seemed to drill their way right into Jack's skull. At this rate she'd be willing to sleep in the middle of the crew's quarters of the noise didn't stop. The great broken biotic was slumped against her bed down under the cargo hold, right near the engines and absent-mindedly thumbing through Cerberus files.
Shepard was taking the ship to the demilitarised zone, somewhere called Tuchanka according to Joker, the brittle pilot always making some annoying sarcastic comment.
Jack often laughed, imagining she'd only half to sneeze in his direction for a bone to break. She let out a faint chuckle and winced in pain, massaging her throat. The girl's voice was growing hoarse, especially after her fourth shouting match with the Cerberus cheerleader that was probably pacing up and down right above her head on the next floor. Jack sighed, tracing her fingernails in the fuzz on her head. She hated her, words could not express it. Every snide comment, every commanding order... it wrecked her head and got under her skin. Worse still it was affecting Jack on the battlefield. Every time Shepard took them planet side, Miranda would distract her, yelling some stupid order or getting in Jack's way. The biotic had almost taken a shot in the arm because she'd been yelling at Miranda to get out of the way.
Miranda Lawson was a throb in Jack's head, the thorn in her side. She actually reminded Jack of this stuck up, little rat back on Pragia, a monster of a girl called Chloe. That had been a turning point in Jack's life, dealing with Chloe. A true testament to her power. Chloe would always laugh and point at Jack's window into her cell as Jack screamed for hours at her. No one else ever even looked up, Chloe was the only one who would tease. Jack and Chloe would spit words at each other when fights were held outside the cells, but the guard's kept any physical damage at bay. Chloe got under her skin, just like Miranda. She even looked a little like the Cerberus cheerleader... was that why Miranda got to her?
No of course not, Jack came to the conclusion. She was just the embodiment of everything Jack hated, fake and preachy, carrying herself with an undeserved demeanor of dominance. Jack wanted to be rid of her... jettisoning from the airlock was most preferable, maybe shoving her in front of a stray bullet next time Shepard took them out?
Jack shook her head, smirking. She was surprised that she realised she didn't actually want to kill the cheerleader. Miranda hadn't exactly done anything to her, in fact she had helped her escape the prison, much as Jack would never admit it. But it didn't change the fact the she wouldn't be satisfied until Miranda knew who was actually in charge. Jack wanted to see it, to see fear in Miranda's eyes, every time she entered the room, to see Miranda in tears, shaken and broken... again, Jack was reminded of Chloe and how she had dealt with her...
Jack had taken her... one day the prison cells were being refitted for stronger locks for security and the kids were forced to share cells. Chloe got stuck with Jack.
After only one word and a single sneer, Jack lost it. She took Chloe then and there, slamming into the girl with her biotics until her ears bled, then stripping Chloe completely. She'd been nothing but a toy to Jack, used and abused. She'd been Jack's first, and like everything in her life, Jack had taken it. It had been beautiful.
When Jack fought in the ring with other kids, she'd grow strength in the fear and submission in Chloe's eyes as she stood, watching Jack fight... she was hers. It actually made her tingle with pleasure, reminiscing of that certain chapter on Jack's time on Pragia.
She bit into her lip, gulping, the hum of the Normandy's engines pushing the memories from her head. That was it... that was her answer. She would break that bitch's mind and steal her body. There was no denying that that Cerberus bitch was drop dead gorgeous, curves in all the right places, black hair flowing past her shoulders... Jack blinked, her cheeks going red and she growled, embarrassed at herself.
But how would she take Miranda? She could of course have her way with her without any difficulty, but not without consequence. No amount of punishment nor pleasure would ever keep the Cerberus cheerleader silent. She'd run to Shepard and sob like the little girl she pretended not to be and Shepard would either kill Jack then and there or kick her of the ship.
Her mind raced, trying to come to a solution as she stared past the data-pad in her hand, clicking from page to page. Suddenly something caught her eye. A name... Lawson. She focused on the information flashing on the pad and started speed reading. After a moment her lips parted in a smile.
"So this was what they had been up to on Illium," Jack smirked, switching off the pad and tossing it to the floor. Jack knew she'd have to take Miranda by force and in secret, but she now knew exactly how to keep her quiet as well. With that, she trotted up the steps, heading for the elevator...


The Normandy was never quiet and the mess hall was rarely empty. Unlike Alliance vessels, the Cerberus controlled Normandy had a certain degree of freedom. No "lights out," no curfew.... there was always someone up and about. In this case, Mess Sergeant Gardner was busy humming away and scrubbing at pots behind the kitchen.
Other than the blissful ignorance of the "cook", Jack was alone. But there was no way she could break into Miranda's quarters and drag her, struggling nor silent to the depths of the ship. She may have been alone, but Jack knew she was being watched. The AI. EDI had eyes everywhere.
Little camera's scanning the slightest of movements, every second. Underneath the engine was Jack's sanctuary however. She had smashed out the few camera's down below to maintain her privacy and never gotten in trouble for it too.
It was probably just written off as collateral damage for bringing humanity's most unstable biotic aboard a small infiltration vessel. If she was under surveillance, she'd have to lure Miranda down below.
Miranda had left her quarters unlocked. She was off upstairs with Jacob, probably going over an ammunition count and sighing at him if there was a thermal clip out of place. Of course... everything had to be perfect when the Cerberus cheerleader was involved. Jack wasted no time searching the room for something her enemy would miss. Something that would draw her out.
There was her pistol... no, she had many of those. Her interface was powered off on her desk, no...
Then Jack found it, stashed under Miranda's pillow. A digital print of her enemy, taken sometime ago with a very young girl, no more than an infant. Jack smirked.
Miranda had even looked stunning as a teen, no wonder she saw herself as Miss Perfect. Snatching the print away, she left the quarters, heading across the mess straight for the elevator. With luck, Miranda wouldn't be far behind.

Mess Sergeant Gardner liked to keep to himself, his pots and his cooking. He strayed little beyond the duty of cleaning and preparing the food, never thought himself as curious or questioning. But he couldn't help but try and find out the reason for frustrated yells coming from Officer Lawson's quarters as he finished up cleaning.
He left the kitchen and approached the officer's door. Tapping on the cool metal of the door, he let it swoosh open. Miranda was there, leaning against the wall, her head in her hands. Her mattress and blankets were tossed across the room, cushioning pulled from the couch, the contents of her shelves knocked over. She'd clearly been looking for something.
"Officer Lawson, ma'am?" Gardner hesitated, stepping into the quarters. "You seem to be in some trouble."
Miranda glanced up, half surprised and shook her head, squeezing the bridge of her nose.
"If my toilet is blocked, or I need something to eat, I'll be sure to let you know Mess Sergeant," the officer hissed.
Gardner didn't seem to take offense, he merely shrugged and turned to leave before Miranda called him back.
"Wait, I'm... sorry, it's just..."
"You seem to have misplaced something," Gardner answered for her.
"No, of course not. I never 'misplace' anything, and I'd never lose something that was so precious..." She trailed off. That picture was one of the few memories she had left of her little sister, Oriana. Without it her sister would slow fade from memory, even if she had prevented her being taken on Illium, even if she had finally gotten closure.
"Begging your pardon, ma'am, but could it have been taken?" Gardner asked.
"What?" Miranda's eyes narrowed and she stood a little taller. "Taken?"
Gardner shifted uncomfortably on his feet and rubbed the back of his neck. "The um, biotic... Subject Zero. I'm not accusing her of anything, just... she was around, you know?" Gardner rabbled.
Miranda shut her eyes, mouth twisting into a snarl. Had that manic psychopathic really resorted to petty theft in order to get to her?
"Thank you Mess Sergeant," Miranda marched past him, heading for the elevator. "And when I confront her, I'll be sure to leave your name out of it," she said without looking back.
"Much obliged, Officer Lawson," Gardner called out before heading quickly for the safety of his pots and pans.


"Where is it?" roared Miranda. The Cerberus officer was almost doubled over in fury, finding Jack lounging on her makeshift bed, sneering at her when she approached. Jack seemed hellbent on making Miranda more frustrated with every moment passing.
"Look, cheerleader. You need to relax and chill the fuck out-"
"Are you that childish? Honestly, have you run out of imbecilic, angry comments and taunts and are now looking for new ways to get on my nerves?" spat Miranda, "Well, mission accomplished! Congratulations!"
Jack was couldn't have looked more satisfied and Miranda saw it. Of course she was happy. Miranda was playing right into her hand, making a fool of herself in front of her.
There was no reasoning with her, there was no pleading with her. Subject Zero was literally insane... there was only one way to communicate with her. Miranda felt the anger well up inside her as she made an attempt to talk to the Jack, the only way Jack would listen.
She screamed out, throwing a biotic flare straight at Jack, knocking the girl to the ground. Jack was stunned, climbing to her feet and face contorting into a twisted mess of emotional damage. She hadn't expected to be taken off guard, but it made no difference. The girl roared, powering up until her body was bathed in a dark blue glow. She yelled, firing a blast of energy from a fist and Miranda caught it straight in the abdomen. She collapsed, managing to retaliate by shooting a pulse from her hand as she struggled to get up. Jack dodged it, but stumbled sideways and Miranda saw her opportunity and pounced.
She tackled Jack and flung her to the floor but Jack knocked her off with a quick punch to the head. She was tough and both were fueled by rage and hatred for the other. It was a sluggish, clumsy and uncoordinated fight. The pair continued to grapple and toss one another around but Jack was definitely the stronger of the two.
With every minute, Miranda was a little more tired than her opponent. Jack was landing blow after blow and Miranda felt the consciousness dull as her enemy pulled a finished move and smacked her with a warp field. The biotic blast sent a shockwave through her body, rattling her head.
The officer collapsed against a crate, breathing heavily, her body going limp and Jack yelled out in triumph. She was burning in exhaustion, a thrill flowing in her veins, her head buzzing with excitement.
She needed to make sure she wouldn't be disturbed and after racing upstairs, a quick look around upstairs found no trace of activity.
Grunt the Krogan was in the starboard quarters, smashing up the place, oblivious to the fight and the engineers had yet to return to their post. But once they came down from the crew quarters they would hear any sign of a struggle. Jack had to work fast.
Leaping back down underneath the engines, she found her fallen enemy undisturbed. Jack grasped her and tossed her to the floor, lying the woman on her back and beginning to get to work.
Jack gripped the zip of her body suit, breathing a little heavier and dragging it down, opening up Miranda's clothing. Digging her fingers into the fabric, Jack slowly peeled the bodysuit from her shoulders, exposing the flawless skin hiding underneath it. She starting pulling it down Miranda's back and off her chest, exposing her bra. Jack had to work her hardest to refrain from running her hands over her captives tight curves.
Her breasts jiggled a little whenever Jack tugged a little more of the suit from her body. She found them awfully distracting and had to grit her teeth to ignore them.
"All in good time, bitch," she moaned. "All in good time."
She managed to tug the left arm free, then the right and finally pull the body suit all the way to the waist. The biotic fell against the wall, sighing with exhaustion. She hadn't realised what an effort this would be. Her eyes dropped to her unconscious captive and she licked her bottom lip, leering over Miranda's torso, her beautiful delicate limbs, her fragile neck. Would she be waking soon?
Jack decided not to risk it and flipped Miranda over with a grunt, grabbing a length of circuit wire from inside one of the engineer's toolboxes she'd stolen for a cheap laugh.
Pinning her arms to position behind her back, Jack started to wrap the wire around the woman's wrists, making sure it was tight, winding the wire around her smooth, soft skin. She ran the wire across her forearms and snipped an end off, tying it and admiring her handiwork. Jack then reached for a roll of black, shiny tape in the toolbox. This stuff was used to patch rips in plastic sheeting or covers for equipment. It would hold nicely.
Jack flipped Miranda back, her arms hidden behind her back, the front of her body almost teasing Jack. The girl paused as she snapped a piece of tape from the roll, pinching an end in her fingers. Seemed a shame to gag her so soon. Jack tensed up and leaned over Miranda's unconscious body, lowering her head until her mouth hovered over her captive's lips. With a small smile, Jack pressed her mouth against Miranda's, smooching her hard. The woman's lips were everything Jack had imagined. Full, soft and smooth, warm to the touch and tasting of sparkling berry. Jack's eyes fluttered shut and she inhaled deeply through nose, tangling her fingers in Miranda's hair and massaging the side of her head. The biotic kissed her harder, forcing her tongue between Miranda's lips. The Cerberus cheerleader was still out cold, but the inside of her mouth was still moist and warm against Jack's tongue. She ran her tongue around her captive's maw, swirling it in her mouth and over her teeth before biting a little on Miranda's lower lip. As Jack pulled away she stretched out the piece of tape and pressed it firmly to Miranda's mouth, dragging her fingers over it to make sure it was flat against her skin. Jack lifted Miranda's legs off the floor, tugging her heels free and pulling the bodysuit from her groin and then her thighs. The captive's underwear was blue and lacy, quite expensive looking and Jack closed her eyes, imagining the prize underneath them. She yanked the clothing clean off Miranda's calves and then tossed it away. Miranda's thighs were so thick, her rear was as plump and round as Jack had always dreamed of. No wonder nearly every man on the ship leered after her, but Miranda's strict demeanor and little tolerance of anything short of perfection often kept them at bay.
Jack sat the unconscious female up against the wall and simply waited. She could have killed the time by playing with Miranda's curves, but decided it would be so much better to see her squirm when she awoke


Jack wasn't at all disappointed. Miranda stirred awake as the biotic twirled a Carnifex pistol in a palm. Her eye's widened, almost bulged from her sockets as she stared down at her bound body and then to Jack, then back again. Her eyes darted around the room and then came the noises. Muffled screams of abuse and fury, cries for help. Miranda shook her head violently, hair swinging in all directions and falling in front of her face. She gave a little spasm, shuddering and tried to toss herself to the stairway like a fish on dry land. Jack found this amusing, wholeheartedly so but her patience was thin. For weeks Miranda had looked down her nose at her, stir up anger and she had waited. Miranda had searched for her stolen picture and Jack had waited. She had been knocked unconscious... Jack had waited. Clearly she would be here for hours if she decided to wait until Miranda had stopped struggling. Grabbing her kicking foot, Jack dragged the cheerleader back to her toes of her boots and pressed the sole down against Miranda's cheek, then pressed the barrel of the Carnifex to her temple.
"Shhh, shhhhhush shush now," Jack laughed. "Wouldn't want to fuck a dead girl now would I?"
Miranda had tensed up, breathing violently through her nose, chest heaving. Jack counted down from three, pulling the trigger at the end and Miranda screamed through the tape. There was a click, plus a hissing from the gun and Jack cackled.
"No thermal clip, bitch! Don't worry, I'll stop fucking around... get right to the fucking instead!" She flipped Miranda onto her back, making sure that her captive saw her snap in a loaded clip into the Carnifex.
"Just so you know where we stand, cheerleader," Jack's teeth flashed in a maniacal grin and she left the gun sitting on top of one of the crates.

*NEXT UPDATE* 24-12-2013
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