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Thoughts of the mind and soul
My mind wonders on and on

The positives and negatives of life repeating themselves in my head.

Images and sound passing, some quick, others slow.

I hold my hands and watch them tremor as i Iay in the prison inside my head

I get a grip onto what is a mere delusion

I cry out in pain over those thoughts inside my head

My legs kick out uncontrollably, an effort to shake off the pain.

There is no cure for this disease

No way out

Nowhere to hide

Tears pour out of my eyes as I remember all those times

The times of happiness that I know longer experience

An emotion I can no longer feel

I have to face, what lies ahead

Efforts of hiding and running do no good

The pain is intense sweat pouring from every possible place.

Blood dripping to the ground silently as my cries become faint

The sweat stops pouring, my legs stop kicking

Images and sounds passing in my head start slowing.

My life is no longer a blur no longer a delusion.

I open my eyes that have always been closed and see what I have done

The blade 7 inches in.

Blood steadily flowing down into a nice puddle beside me.

I see my hands trembling more than ever and at that moment...that very moment I realise my life is gone...

Any distant though of that happiness feeling returning has vanished.

The tears dry and I lay on the ground clutching reality.

I suppose its for the best that I leave this world

The pain will be gone and deep inside the hatred will die.

I lay facedown on the kitchen floor, eyes half closed.

Those thoughts that slowed in my mind stop and I take one last deep breathe.

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