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This is a true short story on a beautiful act of God.
"Don't leave me," I sob. He looks up at me, his blue eyes full of love. I hold him close, afraid to let go. I can see the light leaving his eyes. I cry and let the tears slip from eyes. He can't die. He can't die. "I love you," he says,"but I have to go. The angels are calling me." I cry, "I love you too." His eyes close and I let the hurt and loss drain out of me through tears. Then all of a sudden he grabs my hand, his eyes open and alert. He looks up at me and smiles. "A butterfly! I'll come back to you as a butterfly. I will show you that I am okay. Believe me," he says. I smile," okay." His eyes close again, and his grip on my hand disappears. For he is gone. Forever gone. I sob.

One year later........
I sit in my garden outside with my sister. "What are you thinking?" she asks. I shake my head, "Nothing important." She nods understanding. She knows that I don't want to talk about him. Even after a whole year has rolled by. I focus my eyes on a beautiful pink flower and my breath catches. "What is it?" my sister asks. "It's a butterfly!" I say. "Oh my God!" she squeals. This is the first butterfly I have seen since his death. The butterfly spreads its orange wings and lands on my hand. "Oh my God," I whisper. "He's here!" I gaze down at the butterfly and his voice rings in my head, "A butterfly! I'll come back to you as a butterfly. I will show you that I am okay. Believe me." I smile, "And okay you are." The butterfly spreads its wings once again and flies to Heaven
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