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by brom21
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A man wonders if a family air loom is more than just a keep sake.
852 words   

It was the 30th of May and the day of the Antique Roadshow was coming on June 6th to Vegas.  I had thought about selling my family air loom but I was always to guilty to go through with it.  I knew it was worth a lot of money.  I remember when my father passed down the beautiful golden arm bracelet adorned with a single green emerald. Just out of curiosity, I wanted to see how much it was worth. So I took a trip to the appraiser and presented it before the man at the desk. Instantly his eyes widened. 

  “My word! It can’t be!” he exclaimed.  “Do realize what this is?”

    His reaction excited me.    “No, its’ just a family air loom as far as I know.”

  “This artifact is of Celtic design.  The legend that goes along with it is very peculiar. It is said to give its wearer perfect health and immortality. Its’ called the Band of Zealous.” 

  “That is interesting, but how much is It worth?”

    The man gave me strange look.  “You actually want to sell it?”

    “I dint say that. I’m just curios.”

    “Honestly, it’s priceless.  But if I had to guess, I’d say six-million dollars and maybe even more .

      “Six-million!  Are you certain?”

    “Without a doubt,” he answered. 

      At this point I was starting to have a change of heart.  “Oh, the things I would get if I had six- million plus dollars to spend.”   

    “But sir what if it is magical?  What is it does give immortality?”

      “So you’re superstitious I see.”

      The man frowned and scrutinized me.  “Don’t you think there is more to life than what we see and hear? I’m not saying I believe it, but anything is possible.”

“Well in all consideration, I thank you for telling me about this. Good bye.”  With that I turned away and walked out.  I was ecstatic. I was fighting off the urge to sell it.  “I’ll sleep on it for a few nights.  The next morning was work.  The first person I approached was Tom, a sensible guy and very intelligent.

    “Tom, do you believe in magic?”

    “I don’t know where you came up with this question, but there are many things about the universe that we do not understand.  Do you in believe in God?”

    “Is suppose I do,” I said.

    “If God is real, than there may be more to life than we think.  Magic could exist.  May I ask how you came about this subject?”

    “Some guy at the jeweler’s said that a family air loom of mine is magical.”

      “In the Dark Ages, there were said to be many magic talismans.  I really don’t know on this one Rick.”

      “Thanks tom,” I said as I walked away.

      For the next few nights I wrestled with Tom’s words. Then two days before the Roadshow, I decided to test the magic theory.  I went to a hospital for the terminally ill and said I was from a charity foundation who came to visit the sick folk.

    “The wing is down the left hall,” said a nurse.

      With the band in my jacket pocket I entered the first door to my right.

      “Hello sir, I’m with the Foundation for Alternative Medicine.  This band I have here uses ions to help heal pain. We’re testing it on you.”

    “By all means, please.  I’d be happy to cooperate.”

      I put the band on him and thanked him.  “With luck sir you should feeling better. I’ll check on you tomorrow.” I left the hospital and went home.  I had trouble sleeping that night.  What if it did work?  If anyone found out it would be taken away from him. The next day I revisited the man. I asked the doctor if there was any change but he said there was not.  What was I thinking?  How daft could I have been?  I retrieved the arm band and told the man that I was sorry it did not work. I had made my decision; I would sell it. 

    When the Roadshow set up shop, I came to the man who was doing some of the bartering and showed him the armband. The man’s eyes lit up.  “Sir this is…we do not have the money to buy this.”

    “Where could I possibly go to a person who could buy it?” 

      “Your best bet would be New York, in the Trump Tower. 

      I sighed and walked off to my car and got in and turn on the radio.  I could not believe what I heard.

  It was about a cancer patient who was made well by man from The Foundation for Alternative Medicine who put an ion bracelet on him according to the cancer patient.

  “Oh, if I could only thank that man and his organization,” The man said in sobs.

    I was shocked! It really was magical! Then I remembered the other part that the man at the jeweler’s; immortality! I smiled from ear to ear.  Never had I been so excited.  Then I wondered; what will the world be like in a thousand years.     


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