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Chapter one. Vampires, College, year 2039. An eager girl and an unwilling vampire.
Chapter 1
         Vampire; they are real weather you believe it or not. However they are dark, fearsome creatures that fear almost nothing. In year 2043 a war breaks out on the world between the underworlders and the humans, but things weren't always like that. Four years prior Nora Wolfheart was an average freshman in collage working towards her art degree, but for what she still wasn't sure. What she was sure of is that she had the biggest crush on the collage hotty Cain.
         Cain. Tall, approximately six foot seven inches, with long black hair that just brushed past his broad shoulders. His long bangs converging his mysterious eyes, color unknown. His perfect facial features, long and sharp but strong and handsome; with lips perfect for kissing that Nora day dreamed about so many times in a day. Due to his constantly tight black shirt his broad chest and well defined muscles were apparent which cause Nora’s panties to twist into knots. A black leather jacket and a deep red scarf never left his body even in the summer which caused Nora wanting to know what more of his skin looked like. Tight but spacey pants topped with old style pair of converses that always had Nora guessing where he could have gotten his hands on them. The way he walked always set Nora into a haze. It was like he floated across the tiled floor of the halls rather then walking; never hearing his footsteps even though she would watch his feet come in contact with the floor. Nora was always watching Cain.
         Ever since the very first day of her college classes when she and her best friend Paige were walking to their pottery class and there stood Cain leaning against the window sill looking up at the sky with a longing expression on his face. Nora was stopped dead in her tracks upon seeing him partially leaned over looking like he was about to cry. A few seconds later he turned his head and gave her the meanest glare that caused shivers to run down her spin, and something in her said he would devour her whole if she didn't leave so she ended up running as fast as she could down the hall. Now Nora watches him from a distance trying not to let him see her. In total it’s been two months since and she has yet to speak to him. However that doesn't stop her from finding out as much as she can from her friends in class and around the campus.
         Cain Hawking, seemingly twenty-three or twenty-four but still unknown. Cain a senior in college is studying art history and ancient artists, rumoring to become a professor of art history, which only causes Nora to admire him more. However today is the day that Nora will not hide behind a corner and watch Cain’s back as he glides across the floor of the halls making her swoon. Nora stands up straight and pats down her black mid thigh pleaded skirt and adjusts her blue and black, pin-striped, long sleeved, v-neck shirt while flicking her red curls behind her shoulder and heading towards her target with loud clicking heels on the aluminum floor, which takes longer than expected due to her short stature and his long legs but finally she get in close enough range to call out to him.
         “C-Cain!” Nora closed her eyes and practically screamed his name causing everyone to hush and look at her. Cain stood with his back facing her and slowly turned around with his classic pissed look that over the two months Nora had noted him giving to practically everyone around him, so it didn’t frighten Nora anymore.
         “Cain, I love you.” Nora stared him straight into his eyes which were almost a red color Nora hadn’t noticed before and even for a second Cain looked surprised, but then he sighed.
         “No.” Was all he said and Nora almost fainted just at hearing his voice but she shook her head and chased after him while the people around began whispering.
         “Wait! Why?” Nora tried her best practically running at his side.
         Cain only glanced her way. “I have someone else.” Obviously a lie to keep her away, but Nora wasn’t quitting and she wouldn’t until she was in his arms forever.
         “No you don’t. I watch you constantly, so I know!” Nora blushed a little and a few of the girls standing watching and listening gasped in shock as the two of them practically raced down the hall.
         “Ugh!” Cain stopped in the hall and turned to her with a menacing face. “Go away.”
         A power and fear ran through her body and for a second she almost did but she took in a deep breath. “I love you.” Staring straight into his eyes she smiled happily even though his face said only that he hated her. “And I won’t stop until you love me back.” Cain grunted and turned and strode down the hall away from her but Nora only smiled happily that she finally was able to say her feelings to her love.
         Paige pushed her shoulder knocking her out of dream land. “Are you an idiot?”
         Nora giggled and smiled putting her hand up to her heart that was pounding in her chest. “I feel like I’m sixteen again.” Her smile grew.
         “Well, with a confession like that I’d say you’re a starker. Of course he’s not going to want you now! You look like your sixteen the way you’re dressed! Girl come with me, we’re going shopping!” Paige grabbed her hand and started heading off the campus.
         “What’s wrong with the way I dress?” Nora pouted and looked once again at her pleaded skirt and black ankle heels with knee socks. “Isn’t it cute?”
         “Maybe for a high school girl but you’re a freshman in college now! You’re already nineteen years old. A man like Cain will want someone more mature!” Paige sighed looking at her as they headed to Paige’s pink buggy. Paige was the beautiful one, Nora thought, with long blond hair that was never a mess and bright blue eyes. Big boobs always perked out and a nice butt, even though she never dressed like a whore she always dressed to look nice. Paige’s boyfriend and Paige had been dating for almost two years and they were still madly in love which always depressed Nora because she couldn’t keep a boyfriend for more than a few days.
         “What should I dress like? I don’t have your ample breast or you hour glass figure..” Nora looked down at her average sized boobs and her almost pole like figure.
         “Nora, you have great legs and beautiful hair! I’d kill to have your red curls and perfect nose. Your boobs aren’t as big as mine, but they’re perfect to tease with. I have to worry constantly about mine and they hurt my back. There are plenty of guess who would love to date you.” Paige unlocked her car with a swipe of her finger as they both waited for the door to slide into the under compartment of the car and got it. Paige voice commanded the car to start which only took her vocal pitches as the doors came back up securing them in the car.
         “Even if there were, which there aren’t, the only one I want is Cain!” Nora brought up her hands to her face as she envisioned her and Cain kissing under the setting sun. The car floated off the platform parking lot and into the sky highway.
There were now two levels to the world. Sky level and ground level; even though no real discrimination exists between levels either really interacts with the other. Nora had never wanted to visit ground level, but she couldn’t say way. She had seen a few people belonging to ground level and they gave her the impression that they would kill and eat her whole. So for now she would just look out the window of the car and all the tiny buildings below that in truth weren’t so tiny.
         “There you go again. What is it about him that you find so amazing?” Paige rolled her eyes in sarcasm because in truth she had heard all this before.
         “He’s hot! And smart! And tall! And he’s mysterious!” Nora giggled happily.
         “So really he’s just a puzzle you want to pin on your wall?” Paige asked summing up her statements.
Nora thought then nodded slightly. “Actually I have never thought about it like that but yea!”
         Paige sighed and rolled her eyes as she pulled the flying car into the five story mall. Floor one is parking which meant fifteen more minutes going through traffic until they could finally park all the way in to back, which is the furthest from the bullet elevator.
         As Paige gets out turning off the car Nora grabs her purse throwing it on her shoulder and stands proud. “Just you wait Cain! I’ll show you how hot I am!”
         Paige sighed and started heading towards the bullet elevator. “How about we wait until we see what we can get you into first, Nora?” Nora trotted over to her side.
         “I don’t know what I’d do without a friend like you Paige.” Nora smiled and Paige smiled inwardly as well trying to hide it. She’d never admit it to Nora but she was glad she had a friend like her too.
         Pushing past all the people and stopping than running in front of cars to finally get to the cylinder tube they stepped in with the other four people in there. As the doors closed Nora braced herself for she always hated the little jolt that was felt and the elevator shot up into the air. Nora and Paige got out on the third level.
         “Where to first Paige?” Nora looked around and all the stores insight, many of which were bright colored clothing shops.
         “Well, you normally go for the dark strange clothes correct? Well let’s go for more form fitting.” Paige headed to a shop called The New. Lots of what they had were colorful dresses, body adjusting corsets, leggings of design and color, cute shoes that Nora actually wanted to try on and many other things of the same sort. “First pick the things you’d like to try and we’ll go from there.”
         Nora nodded happy to be shopping with her friend so he went off to the dresses. The first she picked was a sweetheart dress with straps that were thin at the dress but widened to cover her shoulders. The body of the dress was black with red and pink cherry blossoms dispersed over the whole of the dress. The second thing Nora spotted was a pair of pants. The pants were automatically adjustable and were able to just slip on no buttons or zippers involved, but naturally they were skin tight. Nora ended up picking up three: one black with white striped down vertically, the next was a solid dark purple, and the last were dark red with white and black skulls down both the sides. She picked out a few cute tank tops and a brown leather jacket with fur on the hood. The last thing Nora found were a pair of ankle boots with a two inch thick heal and two buckles down the side with a zipper on the inner ankle side. She ran over to Paige holding all the things she picked up.
         “I want to go change!”
         Paige giggled and smiled nodding. “Okay let’s go.”
         The both walked over to the dressing room getting assistance to pass through the locked sliding metal doors. Nora went through the steps of putting on clothes showing a disappointed Paige and getting shoved back.
         “Nora these are cloths you like. What about Cain? What does he like?” Paige shouted from the other side of the metal door.
         “Um…I don’t really know..” Nora almost whispered. She had been fallowing him around but the only thing she ever saw him wearing was black and his deep red scarf. “I think he likes red, but I’ve never really seen him with anyone.
         “hmm…let’s go try this.” Paige left while Nora got out of the dressing room and went to put most of the clothes away, however she kept all three pants because she thought they made her but look good.
         Nora met up with Paige in the dress section. Paige had already picked out a long sleeve shirt with square cut outs down the sleeves and a zipper down the middle; the shirt it’s self was black. Paige had grabbed black and white slip on shoes with a bow on the toe, and a black and red pinstriped business skirt with a too long slit down the side.
         “Wear this with some black stockings or just black leggings and it still says ‘Nora’ but he might look at you longer.” The next thing Paige picked up for Nora was a loose dress with an emperor bust line and thin straps. The dress was a lavender color with drawn flowers in black all over it. “And this with that black cut off sweater I saw you wear last week.
         The shopping spree ended with a few bracelets, a fake ruby ring, a few matching pairs of underwear to push her boobs up higher with sexy lace incase Cain decides to take a peek. Nora also bought a few clip in hair bows, a new pair of earrings that had red hearts dangling half an inch down, red and pink lip stick, new makeup foundation, and a lot more eye shadow. She was all set to allure her hotty tomorrow when she saw him and she would once again profess her love to him. She only hoped this time he might hear her out a little more.
         Nora and Paige headed back to the apartment they shared together and Nora ran straight to her room. Which was more like a shrine to Cain instead of a room of a nineteen year old, she had taken thousands of pictures of Cain and had all the pictures printed out. One she even had made into a poster she hung above her bed. He had been standing under a tree as the flowers blossomed in the wind, so Nora couldn’t help but take a picture of his beautiful posture and that once again longing look on his face. She only wished she could hug him and kiss him till he smiled. On her desk were many pictures she had drawn of Cain instead, but the things she had hidden were small journals filled with all the information she could get on Cain and all the feelings she had and all the activities she had seen him doing.
         Nora through off her clothes and put on her night t-shirt and panties jumping into bed and dreaming about being married to Cain; Nora needed to end her obsession.
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